5 Tips to Heat Up Your On-Line Marketing Using Off-Line Tactics

Written by Denise Ryder, Marketing Coach

The internet of course brings a huge arena of marketing opportunities for you. The ability to do business with people aroundrepparttar world has now been made readily available through a web site and email. It truly has leveledrepparttar 144159 playing field and has provided ALL of us withrepparttar 144160 opportunity of taking our business torepparttar 144161 global level.

How powerful is that!!

While everyone is focusing on their "eBusiness" they are missing repparttar 144162 potential that exists in using off line marketing approaches to boost their online marketing efforts.

Here are five things you can do to heat up your efforts.


Actually if you are already using Articles as a marketing tactic for your on line marketing efforts, userepparttar 144163 same articles for off line publications as well. Publishers regardless ofrepparttar 144164 fact they are on or off line are ALL looking for good, valuable content.


You knowrepparttar 144165 effects that advertising on line can have for your business. You already have an ad that pulls for you on line. Then why not give it a shot off line and see if you can tap into another possible market.

Again, withrepparttar 144166 local newsletters in your community and any small business groups there are. Check out their rates and start using off line advertising to generate some exposure from off line sources.

Remember that you have to pay for this advertising so in that regard, advertising in something that you can afford and afford for a long period of time.


By attending a networking mixer you are gettingrepparttar 144167 best of both worlds. You getrepparttar 144168 chance to get out and break out of that bubble AND you also get to spreadrepparttar 144169 word about your business by talking with others!!

Depending uponrepparttar 144170 format, many of these mixers are of a referral nature. Meaning they allow only one business from each industry and through each member's dealings if they find someone looking for your service or product... then you will get a referral to follow up on.

Business Cards

A business card can end up in more places than you can even dream possible. They are a cost effective marketing tool. How many places do you go to on a regular basis where you could just leave a few business cards on a counter??? Now even if you are an eBusiness owner you can still use this to your advantage.

Email Marketing Systems to Help Boost Exposure and Profits... System #1 - 2-Step Process for Your Advertising

Written by Denise Ryder, Marketing Coach

Ok, ok we are not talking about dancingrepparttar 2-step, however, there is a 2 step process that you can follow with respect to advertising. A process that will help you gain exposure, because that is what advertising is all about, but if you plan itrepparttar 144158 right way you could find yourself building a list and eventually never having to advertise again!

Think about that for a second...because it is quite powerful and it is also whatrepparttar 144159 "guru's" do. Yes, they started advertising in ezines and/ or newsletters initially, however eventually they used this very same process to set themselves up so that eventually they would never have to advertise again...or atrepparttar 144160 very least be more selective.

Have I gotten your attention now???? Excellent...

Ok,repparttar 144161 idea behind advertising is to gain exposure, however, you need to understand that a one time shot in an ezine, regardless of how big repparttar 144162 subscriber base is, isn't going to give yourepparttar 144163 exposure you need. This is a misconception that many people have about advertising, whether it be on or off line. People will get all excited thinking mannn I just paid for an ad in such and such ezine with a subscriber base of 225,000 or their local city paper with a subscriber base of 150,000 and their sales counter or phone is going to ring offrepparttar 144164 wall.

I am sorry to break this to you...but it isn't going to happen. Yes, you "may" receive a couple of queries but you aren't going to receiverepparttar 144165 response you are anticipating. Why? Well, for one thing you have a huge compeition pool. Your ad is jockeying for attention along with repparttar 144166 other 15-25 (or so) ads that have been placed inrepparttar 144167 very same ezine.

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