5 Tips to Eliminate Overwhelm & Accelerate Action

Written by Beth Tabak

"You can’t swing and think atrepparttar same time.” Yogi Berra

The more you get up to batrepparttar 135692 more you develop skills. Each time atrepparttar 135693 plate is another opportunity coming your way. The more you take actionrepparttar 135694 more you will advance. Whetherrepparttar 135695 game is your sport, career, business, home, or taking a risk one thing is clear. The more you take action,repparttar 135696 greater your skills become, andrepparttar 135697 more you achieve. Below are 5 tips to eliminate overwhelm and accelerate action.

1- Maintain a Clear Path~ Imagine mowing your lawn by just wandering around mowing wherever you see grass at any given moment. Can you imagine how long it would take? Studies are now acknowledging multi-tasking to be multi-debilitating. The more you create a clear track of what needs to be done while fully focusing on one thing at a time,repparttar 135698 faster you can move forward on it. Seerepparttar 135699 resource below for help with this.

2- Microstep to Success~ Overwhelm is paralyzing. Start by microstepping. Take tiny steps to progress. Do what you know you can do (even if it seems ridiculous). I know I can clean out 1 drawer. I know I can put on my workout clothes and walk torepparttar 135700 street. I know I can sit down with pen and paper for 15 minutes to ponder my book idea or begin a business plan. Microstepping will move you forward, build momentum and confidence.

3- Set Time Deadlines~ Setting deadlines when you begin a task helps maintain pace. It preventsrepparttar 135701 regret of, “where didrepparttar 135702 day go?”. Time is a valuable asset to be cared for. When beginning decide how much time you will allow, and focus to complete within that time. Set times duringrepparttar 135703 day to manage tasks that would normally interrupt you such as e-mails, phone calls, and co-workers. When interruptions are inevitable, set a boundary by decidingrepparttar 135704 time you will allow forrepparttar 135705 interruption.

Have Laptop Will Travel

Written by Jon Castle

Have Laptop Will Travel

With a home-based business and a map

The world is an enormous place; a playground on an epic scale filled with exotic cultures, creatures, and serene landscapes. For most of us however,repparttar greater world is a separate place, disconnected fromrepparttar 135483 smaller one we occupy. Duringrepparttar 135484 workweek our scope of existence barely extends pastrepparttar 135485 perpendicular lines ofrepparttar 135486 office or workplace. What’s worse is that our destinies are not in our control. In essence, our current function in life is to make a handful of rich men richer.

On our days off we have just enough time to finish allrepparttar 135487 errands that have aggregated overrepparttar 135488 previous five days. When we find a moment to scavenge for food we usually find it in a grease smeared paper bag handed to us through a window by some goofy kid with a paper hat and an apron covered with what looks likerepparttar 135489 remnants of a bovine suicide bomber. Surely, there is more to life than this? There must be a way to break free from our enclosed existence and explorerepparttar 135490 beautiful wide open spaces beyond. In fact, there are several ways.

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