5 Tips for Maximizing Your Wireless Phone Savings

Written by Karen Thatcher

Here are a few tips for making sure you getrepparttar best deals when shopping for wireless services for your company.

1. Wireless services remain unregulated, sorepparttar 150264 buyer who isrepparttar 150265 best at negotiation winsrepparttar 150266 best rates.

2. Don't be afraid to ask for ALLrepparttar 150267 plans offered by a wireless company. Many times they do not publicize every plan that is available, especiallyrepparttar 150268 best deals. Promotions are not always advertised either!

3. Beware of pager protection and cellular insurance, especially if you have a group of pagers/phones. Forrepparttar 150269 cost ofrepparttar 150270 insurance you are paying per pager/phone in a group, you can purchase a new one (or more than one!) each month.

It Ain't All About PEZ Dispensers Or...???

Written by Dan Reinhold

It Ain't All About PEZ Dispensers Or...??? By Dan Reinhold

Oh joy, oh rapture, oh happy day!! You've discoveredrepparttar Internet, where you can make oodles of moolah with your hobby!!!


"But", you frantically implore, "I've been making/building/creating/counterfeiting [Insert Your Favorite Here] for years and years, and people say I'm really really good!"

OK...Happy for you!

"But", you implore ever more insistantly, "all my friends, co-workers and family say how I always drone on about my hobby torepparttar 150263 exclusion of all other topics of conversation, even going so far as to changerepparttar 150264 subject of any conversation I encounter to being about my hobby!!"

That's fine...Right after you realize that your friends all moved without leaving forwarding addresses andrepparttar 150265 majority of your family is embroiled in a class action lawsuit for special waivers to enterrepparttar 150266 Witness Protection program, there's a little something you need to know.

You can't make money with your hobby.

That is, not as long as it's your hobby.

Sorry. Now you really have a headache!

What I mean is you need to stop thinking of your hobby as a hobby.

If you intend to make money with it, it becomes a business.

Let's make that stand out just a little more: It becomes a business.

This isrepparttar 150267 part where someone always says, "I don't WANT a business. I just want to make some money with my hobby".

Alrighty, once more, and this this I'll write veeeerrry slooooowwwly...

A hobby is something you do for fun, relaxation, self-fulfillment and that kind of stuff. A business is something you do for money - regardless of whether you also get fun, relaxation, self-fulfillment or whatever from it.

Rule No. 1: You must change your hobby into your business.

That's a totally different mindset. No longer are you performing these tasks forrepparttar 150268 sheer enjoyment of doing so. It's become that horrible four-letter word - WORK. That's only inrepparttar 150269 very strictest sense, because you'll have to do whatever you do to do what you need to do for money.

Now I've got a headache...

It's like being a professional musician. Music isn't a mere job for them. It's a passion, something they need to do almost as desperately as breathing or watchingrepparttar 150270 latest episode of Survivor.

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