5 Tips For Talking To Your Children About What They See In The News

Written by Dr. Charles Sophy

5 Tips For Talking To Your Children About What They See In The News

Mommy (Daddy), Why do those people want to hurt everyone?

Last week,repparttar world was shaken by another terrorist attack. Hot onrepparttar 149054 heels ofrepparttar 149055 Live 8 benefits and inrepparttar 149056 middle ofrepparttar 149057 G8 Summit, bombs exploded in London. Adults aroundrepparttar 149058 globe were glued to CNN and spent time discussing their feelings aboutrepparttar 149059 event aroundrepparttar 149060 water cooler at work, with their partners at home or in online discussion groups and e-mails. Collectively, we reached out and were comforted and reassured byrepparttar 149061 words of Prime Minister Tony Blair and other world leaders.

Many adults, however, do not realize how many kids are exposed torepparttar 149062 same news. Older children may readrepparttar 149063 newspaper or watchrepparttar 149064 news on TV. Others may be exposed to "breaking news" during an interruption in their favorite cartoon t.v. program and still others can easily stumble acrossrepparttar 149065 information online via MSN, Yahoo, Google or any ofrepparttar 149066 other online portals. While adults were declaring their solidarity inrepparttar 149067 War On Terror last week, many children's anxieties and fears were being overlooked.

In our efforts to protect our children and preserverepparttar 149068 innocence of childhood as long as possible, we attempt to shield them fromrepparttar 149069 atrocities that occur in today's turbulent times. When events such asrepparttar 149070 bombs in London,repparttar 149071 events atrepparttar 149072 elementary school in Belsan, Russia in September, 2004 andrepparttar 149073 September 11th attacks onrepparttar 149074 World Trade Center occur, our natural instinct is to not discussrepparttar 149075 events ofrepparttar 149076 day with our children. Yet, as news of terrorist attacks or other tragedies surround them, your children may be feeling frightened, anxious, sad and confused.

As a parent, only you can decide what news is appropriate for your children but do not assume that your child does not have an awareness ofrepparttar 149077 tragic events that have a global impact. It’s important to talk to your children aboutrepparttar 149078 actions that shape our lives butrepparttar 149079 amount of information you share with your child differs across age groups and even from child to child.

Tough Time Deciding on a Name for Your Baby?

Written by Steven Preg

The conversation went something like this:

“Hey honey, when we get pregnant, how about if we name our baby Jack, if it’s a boy?” The husband responded, that no, he indeed did NOT like that name. As time went by, they acquired a cat. They were having a hard time finding a name forrepparttar male feline. Finallyrepparttar 149053 husband just said, “You likerepparttar 149054 name Jack so well, let’s give that name torepparttar 149055 cat. Because I am NOT having a son named Jack.”

Sorepparttar 149056 couple went happily on their way, enjoyingrepparttar 149057 newlywed life and their new cat, Jack.

After a bit of time passed,repparttar 149058 happy couple learned they were expecting a bundle of joy to be born later that year. They beganrepparttar 149059 overwhelming task of deciding on names. It’d be easy ifrepparttar 149060 baby was a girl. They agreed upon a girl’s name long before they were ever married.

They poured over baby naming books; they shared ideas; they made lists; they tried coming up with a boy’s name using this method; then they tried that method. Still nothing. They could not agree on a boy’s name.

Thanks to modern technologyrepparttar 149061 couple learned that they were having a baby girl. Their naming problem was solved! They proceeded withrepparttar 149062 remainder ofrepparttar 149063 pregnancy preparing forrepparttar 149064 baby girl who already had a name. They even calledrepparttar 149065 baby by her name asrepparttar 149066 husband read torepparttar 149067 pregnant belly.

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