5 Things to Keep an Eye on in the SEO World in 2005....

Written by Bobby Heard

Afterrepparttar latest PR update at Google and MSN’s beta search going live, there is one thing for certain in 2005:repparttar 127806 world of search is in for some major changes. There has been growing speculation aroundrepparttar 127807 SEO world that reciprocal linking is a thing ofrepparttar 127808 past. Rumors are abound that PR means less and less, if anything. Bill Gates came out of his cave to say that “Today’s search is nothing” and that it won’t be that way for long. There are quiet rumblings inrepparttar 127809 SEO back alleys of a new, state-of-the-art search engine currently indexingrepparttar 127810 internet. Websites are dropping offrepparttar 127811 face ofrepparttar 127812 planet. And we’re all left to sit here and put togetherrepparttar 127813 pieces. So what is in store for 2005?

1) Reciprocal links, while not becoming totally dead, are decreasing in value, and there will most likely be an algorithm update to lessen their importance. The original thought process behindrepparttar 127814 importance of a link was that it was seen as a “vote” forrepparttar 127815 linked-to site. Now that reciprocal links are everywhere, it is hardly a great way to count “votes” for a website. Reciprocal linking will continue aroundrepparttar 127816 internet, althoughrepparttar 127817 amount of people who try to get away with one-way links (by never getting back to you once you’ve added their link) will increase significantly. This will, of course, be an attempt to acquire one-way links, which brings us to our next subject....

2) One-way links and triangle linking, though already quite popular, should explode overrepparttar 127818 course of 2005. Both are much harder to control and acquire, which makes Google happy. The triangle link “ploy” makes links look like one-way links even though “Site A” is returningrepparttar 127819 favor to “Site B” through “Site C”. There will be attempts to sell triangle linking programs and systems by SEO companies, however,repparttar 127820 complexity, difficulty and time involved in this scheme will produce ridiculous prices.

Search Engine Optimization and Other Scary Things

Written by Francisco Aloy

by Francisco Aloy

Being a relative newcomer torepparttar Web I decided to foray into Search Engine Optimization to gain first hand experience and any insights I could. My assumption was that it would have a basis built on rational thinking and logical facts.

I pre-supposed a certain degree of agreement and transparency from many ofrepparttar 127805 established sources and opinion makers. My starting viewpoint supported by my association of Search Engine Optimization andrepparttar 127806 Web as natural extensions of common sense, logical thinking.

In hindsight, I must confess I'm not more knowledgeable aboutrepparttar 127807 subject than when I first started. I found very few opinions and practices based on fact. What I did find - and it came as an unexpected revelation - was general confusion and disagreement.

I found secret potion SEO, lurking-in-the-shadows SEO, ignorance as dogma SEO, Voodoo SEO, witch doctor SEO, magical chicken bones SEO,repparttar 127808 10 blind men andrepparttar 127809 elephant SEO, fancy and hearsay as SEO! Inrepparttar 127810 minority, I found but a handful of opinions based on cold hard facts and logic. How inrepparttar 127811 world can Search Engine Optimization mean all those things?

OK, perhaps I did overdorepparttar 127812 above paragraph, butrepparttar 127813 point I'm making is this: Withrepparttar 127814 infinite number of opinions, incorrect assumptions and dead wrong practices; how do you know what to believe? Imagine you're a small business looking for SE optimization; how would you go about it?

The Search Engines, of course, won't reveal more than general guidelines for optimization; other than that, they don't say much. I realize they do things in that manner because they can't explain much about their inner workings. If folks hadrepparttar 127815 skinny onrepparttar 127816 formulas and algorithms, nothing short of SE pandemonium would ensue.

I'm sure you've seenrepparttar 127817 ads that guarantee a dominant position for your choice of keywords. How can that be so? I think some keyword phrases are so competitive, very few haverepparttar 127818 resources it would take to acquire dominance. The cost of many ofrepparttar 127819 keywords and phrases are completely out of reach for most small home based businesses.

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