5 Things Which Make Your Site Sticky

Written by Dan Grossman

Your site's stickiness is its ability to retain visitors and bring them back again later. Here I point out 5 great sites which offer a free service to make your site sticky:

1. Moreover - http://w.moreover.com/ - Add stickiness to your site by adding a Moreover webfeed. You can add news headlines to your site, no matter what it's topic, by choosing from hundreds of topics or creating your own with their webfeed wizard. Be your visitors' source of news!

2. CoolBoard - http://www.coolboard.com/index.cfm - Have your visitors coming back again and again by adding a message board! CoolBoard offers free remotely hosted message boards, making it easy to customize and add one to your site. If you put inrepparttar effort to build a community you'll be ensured plenty of repeat traffic to your site.

3. Atomz - http://www.atomz.com/ - Being able to search your site allows your visitors to find what they're looking for faster. Chances are, if they can find what they want, they'll end up browsing deeper into your site than if they couldn't search it. Atomz offers free site searches, that look just like your site, free for up to a 500 page site.

Seven Free Tools for Your Web Site

Written by Dianne Reuby

A search utility makes your site look more professional, as well as providing a useful service that will make your visitors return. I've been using FreeFind, http://www.freefind.com/ , which will spider your site on request or by schedule, and sends an e-mail report of search terms that your visitors have used. You can also have a "What's New" link and page, with an icon if you want. You can set member-only pages not to be spidered.

Visitor feedback is also a good idea - though some ofrepparttar responses I've had have been confusing to sayrepparttar 134798 least! If you don't want to create your own form, a ready-made feedback form provider is FreedBack - http://www.freedback.com/ Once you have chosen your options,repparttar 134799 form is generated on-line. You then copy-and-pasterepparttar 134800 code into your web page.

Adding these two options to your site also provides an excellent (and unique!) article for your ezine - I describe how in my free article "Use your Feedback". Get a copy by e- mail from mailto:fsb-uf@getresponse.com

One ofrepparttar 134801 greatest source of free webmaster tools is Bravenet - http://www.bravenet.com/ Guest books, forums, polls, feedback forms, site counters, and more. Call in and sign up for as many free tools as you need, all fully explained to help you install and customise them to match your site.

A site counter is a must - or how will you know if anyone is visiting? I've used SiteMeter http://www.sitemeter.com/ for my sites. They e-mail weekly stats, and by logging on torepparttar 134802 site you can find out who, when, where, what with, how long, and of course predictions forrepparttar 134803 future! The help is set off as a default - to get explanations ofrepparttar 134804 diagrams scroll down and click on "Help" to turn it on.

If you are offering freebies such as e-books or demo programs, it's handy to know how many times they are downloaded. I check my e-books this way to see which are popular, and which I should remove fromrepparttar 134805 library. LinkCounter http://www.linkcounter.com/ is very easy to use. Sign up, and enterrepparttar 134806 URL of your download file. Then copyrepparttar 134807 generated link code, and paste it into your web page to replace your direct link. Choose to receive reports daily, weekly or not at all. Use it to check affiliate or reciprocal links too.

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