5 Surefire Ways to Botch Your Media Interview

Written by June Campbell

Has a writer or journalist ever asked you for an interview about your industry or your business?

Duringrepparttar seven years that I've been a writer, I've interviewed many business people for articles that are underway. And in that time, I've encountered more than a few business people who are committed to botching their interview for reasons that I can only guess.

Perhaps they hate free publicity. Maybe being viewed as an industry expert is offensive to them. Or perhaps they have too much business and are looking for ways to discourage future customers.

If you're one of these people and you're asked to provide an interview,repparttar 124506 following methods are almost guaranteed to work. Provided your goal is to botchrepparttar 124507 interview, that is.

1. Opt Out, Then Complain Refuse to giverepparttar 124508 interview or simply avoid returningrepparttar 124509 writer's phone calls. Afterwards, be sure to write letters torepparttar 124510 editor,repparttar 124511 publisher and anyone else who will listen. Condemnrepparttar 124512 writer for gettingrepparttar 124513 facts wrong or for not giving full mention of your business and your products. Where do they get off writing about your competitors instead of yourself? Demand an apology and bemoanrepparttar 124514 lousy state of journalism. Throwrepparttar 124515 term paparazzi around.

2. It's Onrepparttar 124516 Web Site Letrepparttar 124517 writer know that everything she needs to know is on your web site. Hang up.

Be annoyed whenrepparttar 124518 article mentions your company briefly but includes plenty of good quotes from your competition. Editors won't pay for articles containing only information that has been copied off web sites. Funny thing, but readers still want to see quotes from real live humans.

3. Demand to Editrepparttar 124519 Article Be outraged whenrepparttar 124520 writer refuses. Don't believe it when he tells you that almost all editors will refuse to work with a writer who allows interview subjects to re-write articles. You can't see any problem with this even if most editors do consider it unethical.

Drop Cards & How to Use Them

Written by Chris Bradford and Brande McCree

Drop cards are very similar to business cards. They arerepparttar same size and , made ofrepparttar 124505 same material. The major difference is that while a business card will usually present a good deal of information, a drop card is used for a single purpose... to solicit a response through curiosity.

Because of a drop card's purpose,repparttar 124506 message presented on a drop card is extremely short, and presents one of two methods of immediate contact. These methods of contact are usually a phone number or URL. A sample drop card may containrepparttar 124507 simple message like:

BE A STAY AT HOME PARENT! 1-800-663-0151

Drop cards are used similar to how some would use business cards. Here are some suggested uses:

1. Leave them on restaurant tables when you leave your tip. 2. Leave them onrepparttar 124508 toilet tissue holders in public

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