5 Surefire Basic Methods to use in Promoting Your Blog

Written by Mal Keenan

Copyright 2005 Mal Keenan

Okay! Your research is solid and you’ve created strategies for presentingrepparttar contents in your blog. You’ve identified your audience and have created hooks for appealing to them.

You are definitely ready to go blogging!

First, you’ll need to know and understand what kind of software a blogging uses, to be effective in promotingrepparttar 136602 blog. Blogging software is simple Content Management System (CMS). This makes it easy for you to add new pages and have them easily integrated into your site's navigational structure and linkage.

Although there are crucial differences between a website and a blog, but they possess one very good quality. They are search engine friendly; ergo both use a good sized dose of keyword phrases. Blogs are also text-rich, link-rich, frequently updated web pages which utilize CSS, and need very little HTML.

Prior to writing your blog, go to websites to get a supply of at least 100 keywords relevant to your topic, tryrepparttar 136603 Word Tracker website.

When writing, keep these 100 keywords close at hand, so that you’ll writerepparttar 136604 primary keyword into your blog urls. Use your primary key words in your title,repparttar 136605 secondary keywords inrepparttar 136606 body of your posts, and inrepparttar 136607 anchor text of links inrepparttar 136608 body of your post.

Triple Your Traffic with Top Keyword Strategies

Written by Cari Haus

Copyright 2005 Log Cabin Rustics

Althoughrepparttar topic of keyword strategy and selection may appear to have been beaten to death already, it remains critical torepparttar 136582 success of your website. Choosingrepparttar 136583 best keywords is only “Phase One” ofrepparttar 136584 process. You must also makerepparttar 136585 most ofrepparttar 136586 keywords you have.

Traffic to my log furniture site has doubled and nearly tripled inrepparttar 136587 past month and a half. Much ofrepparttar 136588 credit for that success lies directly with better keyword selection and management. When I realized there was a problem with my keywords, I read every article I could find onrepparttar 136589 topic and made a number of changes to my website. And voila! Increased traffic (and sales) arerepparttar 136590 proof ofrepparttar 136591 pudding for me.

Following is an overview of keyword-related steps that can send traffic to your site spiraling steadily upward:

1.Set Your Sights on Attainable Keywords

If my log furniture site was competing forrepparttar 136592 word “furniture”, I would be competing withrepparttar 136593 “big boys”. While I hope to compete with major furniture sites someday, there is plenty of payoff to be found in niche marketing.

Overture includes a keyword suggestion tool that gives a good indication of just how competitive a keyword is. Using this tool and a general rule-of-thumb, you can target keywords that are attainable.

The number “5000” next to a keyword in Overture’s search term suggestion tool means that 5000 visitors on Overture powered searches look for that term each month. Becauserepparttar 136594 most popular terms are more difficult to achieve top ranking for, my website is targeting keywords inrepparttar 136595 1000-10,000 range atrepparttar 136596 moment.

For example,repparttar 136597 term “log bed” is searched for 4673 times per month on Overture-powered sites, whilerepparttar 136598 term “log furniture” is searched for 16,909 times. My site has been hovering betweenrepparttar 136599 #1 and #7 spots on Google for “log bed” forrepparttar 136600 past month, but “log furniture” has been a harder nut to crack. As of this writing I am number #18 for “log furniture”, which is not where we want to be but a whole lot better than where we used to be.

2.Chooserepparttar 136601 Best Keywords for Targeted Traffic

As I mentioned in an earlier article, my site was originally (and accidentally) optimized so that more people searching for “log cabin” were findingrepparttar 136602 site than those who were looking for “log furniture” or “log beds”. We re-optimizedrepparttar 136603 site in December for log beds, log furniture and Amish log furniture. After an initial drop in traffic, we have double or triplerepparttar 136604 visitors we had before—not to mention a much better conversion rate.

What search terms arerepparttar 136605 most likely buyers of your product using to scourrepparttar 136606 web? This isrepparttar 136607 million dollar question. A tool included inrepparttar 136608 live help service known as Liveperson has been helpful to us in figuring this out, as it allows us to see what search terms people are using to find us.

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