"5 Super Easy Secrets To A Winning Domain Name"

Written by Ewen Chia

Are you having sleepless nights thinking ofrepparttar right domain name for your online business?

Well, everyone and everyone's grandmother knows by now why having your own domain is so important. To sum it up, here'rerepparttar 108296 main advantages :

- It shows You are serious about your business - It creates instant credibility for your business - It creates a branding for your business - It builds your online identity and is easily remembered - It can be an excellent marketing tool when used correctly - It is an investment and intellectual property owned by YOU

Needless to say - having your own domain is an absolute NECCESSITY if you're serious about doing business online!

But aren't allrepparttar 108297 good domain names gone you say?

It's true that most short or one-word or generic names are taken up, BUT you can still win atrepparttar 108298 domain name game by followingrepparttar 108299 simple steps

Here arerepparttar 108300 5 super easy secrets to a winning domain name anytime!


Every business needs to be branded, and that does not exclude your online business!

Now what's branding in simple terms?

It's an identity that you want your customers to remember you by, andrepparttar 108301 best way to do that online is by your domain name!

For instance, your business branding may be "Best Quality Service", so why not use that as your domain name, BestQualityService.com if it's still available for registration?

This is a great way of creating a CONSISTENT branding and identity!


How about using familiar or unique phrases as your domain name? This can help differentiate your site and heightenrepparttar 108302 recall factor

You can think up many catch-phrases for domain branding, how about "CowJumpsOverTheMoon", "MakeLoveNotWar", "SaleOfTheCentury", etc?

But it's important thatrepparttar 108303 phrases you use is aligned to your business, you wouldn't want to use a domain like CheapAndGood.com when you're selling high end premium products, it just doesn't gel!


An important and smart approach to selecting domain names used by many marketers is to createrepparttar 108304 domain based on rich keywords relating to their businesses. The reason behind this lies inrepparttar 108305 fact that it helps enhance search engine rankings, especially pay-per-click listings which is essentially a bidding on top keywords.

Domain Naming for Prosperity

Written by Pavel Lenshin

Domain Naming for Prosperity. copyright (c) by Pavel Lenshin

Too little has been told. The things that I’ve heard make it even worse. Better nothing, then worse.

Tell me your Domain name and I will tell you how successful you are.

Forrepparttar last couple of months I’ve heard many arguments claiming that my domain name should be based on keywords relevancy, you web-site focused on. Let me ask you why?

The answer is obvious, these SE “experts” project that this tactic will help to raise your Web-site SE ranking on several positions up. In other words, they advise me to pick up a name for my whole Internet Business as well as my Web-Site, withrepparttar 108295 only aim to have a chance to suite, trick or cheat SEs. Wow, I must be hating my own business!

Let me ask you another question: why there is Coca-Cola instead of Candy Water or Mercedes Benz instead of Comfortable Car? Do you still want to name your eBook selling Web-Site something similar to eBookSell.com instead of a real Brand name for your business? Don’t you know why there is Google.com, Amazon.com and Yahoo.com instead of GreatSE.com, Bookshop.com or Index.com? Imagine that you are a real car manufacturer. Are you going to name your car “Fast Car” or give some really unique name?

I may guarantee you that these keyword tricks will bring you nowhere. While keyword based domain name or other tactics like expressive use of

tags instead of

may raiserepparttar 108296 relevancy for that particular keyword inrepparttar 108297 short-term prospective, you cannot rely on these tricks forever, because if you do, other guy will outsmart you simply by having more web-pages with more valuable information and your

tags along with white text on white background tricks won’t help.

Don’t forget also that SE indexing algorithms are constantly changing and what proved to working yesterday, may not work today.

Besides HTML code may be easily changed, bad domain name cannot, at least, for a year, so you had better give your business a domain name it deserves, with a strong Brand and USP fromrepparttar 108298 very beginning! There is no brand in “eBook Selling Site” or “Best Search Engine Traffic”, no one will ever remember you! So be smart and choserepparttar 108299 right name for your e-business. Done with that!

2. Next. No arguments that your business name should be relatively short. Your domain name does not differ, it should berepparttar 108300 same or even shorter. If your domain consists of three or more words try to use appropriate acronyms or abbreviations. Don’t suggest you to use “hyphens”, “misspellings” or “numbers” (if your official business name doesn’t have them). These “eye-soaping” won’t positively influence your business image also.

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