5 Success Strategies for Newcomers Who Want to Start an Internet Business

Written by Candice Pardue

Thinking of Starting an Online Business? Here's what to do:

1. Establish Your Credibility by Getting Your Own Domain Name

Onrepparttar Internet free sites abound, but you need YOUR OWN DOT COM to survive. It's relatively painless to register your own domain name. Many companies such as Registrars will guide you step by step throughrepparttar 117993 process. You can visit Registrars by going to and clicking on "Register your Domain Name" (4th bullet from top). But having your own domain is justrepparttar 117994 beginning. It's extremely important to.....

2. Increase Profitability by Reaching Your Target Customers

Onrepparttar 117995 Internet, sales are maderepparttar 117996 same as they are offline. Effective sales techniques are even more important onrepparttar 117997 Web because your site isrepparttar 117998 only contact you will have withrepparttar 117999 visitor in most cases. Be as personal and direct as possible. Your visitor can't see you face to face.

Hint: Use hot buttons to sell benefits and .....

3. Design a Simple Site That Sells

You may be tempted to hire a fancy graphics designer to design your site and makerepparttar 118000 site look "pretty or fancy" but, believe me, it'srepparttar 118001 text that sells.

In GVU's 9th WWW User Survey,repparttar 118002 number one reason visitors gave for leaving a site was slow loading time. Having large, fancy graphics causes your site to load slow and also distracts your visitors, costing you customers and profits.

What matters onrepparttar 118003 Internet is not how "good" or "fancy" your site looks, but what you have to offer to your target customers. So, you can see why you need to.....

4. Makerepparttar 118004 Most of Your Site by Creating a Niche in Your Market - Becomerepparttar 118005 Expert in Your Field

Psychology of the Self-Employed - Are you a candidate?

Written by Chuck Crawley

Did you know that every week, 125,000 people start a home based business?

Did you also know that 80% of most small business starts fail withinrepparttar first 6 months?

Self-employment,repparttar 117992 American Dream, or is it?

First what arerepparttar 117993 benefits of becoming self-employed.

** Less commuting ** An Escape fromrepparttar 117994 "rat race" ** More time for yourself and your family ** Become your OWN boss ** Unlimited Income potential

A real dream come true!

Exactly what does self-employment mean anyway?

Well, let's break it down.

According to Webster's Desk Dictionary SELF means, "a person or thing considered as a complete and separate individual", "by oneself or itself", "a persons nature or character","independent","automatic","self-operating".

Can you see yourself inrepparttar 117995 above definitions? If you can't then you better keep your day job. Remember, 80% of most business startups fail inrepparttar 117996 first six months. What will you do afterrepparttar 117997 first six months in business if you still aren't making a profit?

Here'srepparttar 117998 Psychology ofrepparttar 117999 Self-Employed:

====================================================== "A person or thing considered as a complete and separate individual" ====================================================== The true self-employed individual is complete in everyway. Head strong and confident in his purpose and goals. Separate in his convictions, which places him aboverepparttar 118000 crowd. Different in that he operates based on his own understanding and beliefs. When allrepparttar 118001 hype has dissipated, he is still guided byrepparttar 118002 Big Picture and continues to move forward. Success in his mind in imminent.

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