5 Steps to Standing Out Above the Crowd at Work

Written by Joan Schramm

Do you feel like one in a million at work – and not in a good way? When you run into your boss inrepparttar hallway, do you getrepparttar 144564 impression she isn’t sure who you are? Arerepparttar 144565 juicy projects always going to someone else?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need to raise your work profile. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Listen more than you talk. If you offer an opinion, suggestion, comment or question at every opportunity, soon people will run away when they see you coming. Remember when you were in college and there was always one smart-aleck who, whenrepparttar 144566 class was asked, “Are there any more questions?” would shoot his hand inrepparttar 144567 air and holdrepparttar 144568 class up? Don’t be that student inrepparttar 144569 boardroom. If you listen carefully and confine yourself to intelligent and to the-point remarks, you’ll end up looking smarter than most ofrepparttar 144570 people inrepparttar 144571 room. And when you do have something to say, everyone will listen.

2. Meetings aren’t for airing dirty laundry. If you have a problem or gripe with someone, bring it to his or her attention privately. When you point fingers or air departmental problems in a group setting, you (a) blindsiderepparttar 144572 person you’re complaining about, and (b) have just about ruined your chances for a peaceful resolution. Besides,repparttar 144573 next time you make a mistake, that person will fall all over himself to make sure to bring it up in a large meeting just to watch you squirm.

3. Try to catch people doing something right. Whether boss, co-worker or subordinate, people love to be told they’re doing a good job. You don’t have to turn into Eddie Haskell to be aware of opportunities to compliment someone. Keep it short, low-key and honest. It’s even better if you can passrepparttar 144574 compliment to someone else. “Hey, boss, Jim was a huge help to us onrepparttar 144575 Acme project – he made some suggestions that should save us $20,000.” What arerepparttar 144576 chances thatrepparttar 144577 boss is going to mention it to Jimrepparttar 144578 next time he sees him? Pretty good.

5 Simple Steps to Creating an Allergy Friendly Home

Written by Emily Clark

It will seem horribly unfair to any child who suffers with allergies that they cannot have a pet or must loose one whom they have grown attached to. Is there a way to deal with pet allergies which may lessen or even eliminaterepparttar suffering for adults and children with allergies?


By establishing whetherrepparttar 144563 animal is actuallyrepparttar 144564 cause of an allergy is certainlyrepparttar 144565 best starting point. However, that can be a difficult task if you already have an animal sincerepparttar 144566 allergens are extremely difficult to remove entirely.

If an existing pet can be removed andrepparttar 144567 home thoroughly cleaned (carpets, walls, furniture etc.) you MAY be able to verifyrepparttar 144568 allergy in several months. Obviously that is notrepparttar 144569 easiest solution.

Havingrepparttar 144570 child stay with a friend or relative for a week (as long as there are no pets inrepparttar 144571 home) may show an improvement that might indicate an allergy torepparttar 144572 family pet.

A visit torepparttar 144573 doctor can confirm an allergy with a simple test. The tests vary, but some can be mildly uncomfortable and would probably not be considered ifrepparttar 144574 allergy symptoms were mild.

Some allergy symptoms are compounded by exposure to several allergens. By identifying other sources and removing them you may findrepparttar 144575 reaction to pets is lessened and not a barrier to enjoying their presence.


There are several steps you can take to reducerepparttar 144576 build up of allergens and bring relief to allergy sufferers.

The first recommendation is to have hardwood or other smooth surface for your flooring. Carpets hold far more ofrepparttar 144577 particles that cause allergies and hard flooring makes it easy to clean.

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