5 Steps in Writing & Selling Your First E-book

Written by Wayne Perkins

What is an e-book?

An e-book is simply a digital file that contains content that entertains, enlightens or inspires your reader.

It can be 5 pages long or 2500 pages long. It can be a complete book that uses all ofrepparttar old fashioned elements of book publishing or an e-book can be a truly creative piece of work.

An e-book could be a speech, a series of speeches, a poem, a series of poems, recipes or series of recipes and "how to instructions. E- books can also be short stories like Stephen King's "Ridingrepparttar 108482 Bullet."

E-books can contain sound; video and animation or they can resemble a typical paperback book.

Think about all ofrepparttar 108483 things you have done in your life. Can you help people achieve success by writing about your experiences?

Create a title page, a table of contents and begin writing chapters.

Set up your pages like any other documents. If you use Microsoft Word you can set up "hyperlinks" connecting chapters as you would html pages on a website.

2. Save your e-book as in Microsoft Word as a doc. File...text file...and html file

Which of these ebooks tempts you the most?

Written by Michael Hopkins

Let's say you've put together a real kick-ass rock group that makes The Ramones sound like a bunch of choir boys!

You've finished polishing off an album-full of rockin' tunes and you're ready to launch your 3-chord wonders on an unsuspecting world.

The problem is, you're still recording in your mom's garage andrepparttar only ones who've ever heard you play arerepparttar 108481 neighbors -- and they called repparttar 108482 cops!

So, you log onrepparttar 108483 Internet in search of information on how to promote your group. Along repparttar 108484 way you find two ebooks for sale that are exactly what you're looking for.

The first one is called "Promoting a rock group onrepparttar 108485 Internet".

The second one is called "How to make your rock group famous usingrepparttar 108486 Internet".

Now, ask yourself, which of these titles would tempt yourepparttar 108487 most.

I don't know about you, but to my mindrepparttar 108488 second title is far more appealing.

The first one promises to tell you how to promote your band, but that's all. It describes whatrepparttar 108489 book does very effectively but it doesn't firerepparttar 108490 imagination. It sounds a lot like hard work without convincing you that your band will be famous if you read it.

The second title, however, promises exactly what you want. Atrepparttar 108491 end ofrepparttar 108492 day, you don't want to 'promote' your band, you just want to make your band 'famous'. In other words it promisesrepparttar 108493 BENEFITS that you're looking for.

Both titles could be used onrepparttar 108494 exact same ebook butrepparttar 108495 second one will be many times more successful thanrepparttar 108496 first because people don't buy features, they buy benefits. I'll say it again: People don't buy features, they buy benefits!

And that rule doesn't just apply to ebook titles - it applies to every single aspect of your marketing and promotion.

Every time you create a title, write a sales letter, create an advertisement, or build a web page keep that rule in mind: "PEOPLE BUY BENEFITS". It'srepparttar 108497 single most important thing to know in marketing. Understand this point and you will succeed.

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