5 Steps in Publishing and Selling Your First E-book

Written by Wayne Perkins

What is an e-book?

An e-book is simply a digital file that contains content that entertains, enlightens or inspires your reader. It can be 5 pages long or 2500 pages long. It can be a complete book that uses all ofrepparttar old fashioned elements of book publishing or an E-book can be a truly creative piece of work. An e-book could be a speech, a series of speeches, a poem, a series of poems, recipes or series of recipes and "how to instructions. E-books can also be short stories like Stephen King's "Ridingrepparttar 108527 Bullet." E-books can contain sound, video and animation or they can resemble a typical paperback book. Look up on Amazon.com and check outrepparttar 108528 top 100 books and see if you can tie in your e-book to a topic area of one ofrepparttar 108529 bestsellers. Write it just like you would write a letter. You do not need any special formatting.

2. Save your e-book as in Microsoft word as a doc. File...text file...and html file

3. Set up an account with Infopost.com. They will host your file and give you a free website page to include your description, reviews, pricing and any other information. Infopost.com is located at: http://www.infopost.com Infopost will also dorepparttar 108530 credit card processing and allow you to post sample chapters or excerpts of your e-books.

The Autoresponder - The Most Effective E-book Marketing Tool on the Internet

Written by Wayne Perkins

About six years agorepparttar Internet fascinated me. Someone told me that I could place a billboard onrepparttar 108526 World Wide Web and forty million people would go by and see it every day.

I was completely entranced withrepparttar 108527 idea that my information could be delivered anywhere inrepparttar 108528 world in less than a minute!

Immediately dialedrepparttar 108529 telephone number shown on a vacant billboard onrepparttar 108530 freeway and asked how much it would cost to put my face on that billboard. The reply was "ten thousand dollars a month."

I decided thatrepparttar 108531 Internet was a cheaper option and set out to place my banner in view of 40 million people. Boy, was I in for a surprise. In over three months of exposure onrepparttar 108532 "net" I received only a hand full of hits. The only e-mail I received was from other people like me who had shelled out lots of money, only to find that no one was viewing my home page.

I paid a price but learned a valuable lesson. "The potential ofrepparttar 108533 Internet in book selling is fantastic, but you have to learnrepparttar 108534 tools of Internet marketing or you will never make any money regardless ofrepparttar 108535 product or service you offer." Fortunately,repparttar 108536 same tool that so entranced me six years ago isrepparttar 108537 same tool that I find to berepparttar 108538 most effective in selling overrepparttar 108539 web.

That tool is called an "autoresponder."

An autoresponder is an e-mail service that works something like a fax- on-demand. For an author or a publisher, it works like this. You create an article or sample chapter of your book. You load that chapter into your autoresponder or e-mail on demand. You publicize repparttar 108540 e-mail address of your autoresponder in your e-mail signature file, your web site, your business cards, order forms, and in any printed advertising about your books.

The potential buyer sees that he/she may sample a chapter of your book. He types in your autoresponder e-mail address or clicks on it if he is on-line. As soon asrepparttar 108541 e-mail is sent three things happen. 1. The document is found stored on a web server and delivered immediately torepparttar 108542 potential buyer. The process takes less than one minute and is operational 24 hours a day. The buyer may read your article or chapter in e-mail or print it out and read it offline. He/she may forwardrepparttar 108543 article to other people.

2. You (the author or publisher) get a receipt e-mail that gives you repparttar 108544 name, e-mail address ofrepparttar 108545 potential buyer and any comments that he/she may have wanted you to see.

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