5 Steps To Choosing A Great Host

Written by Breal Web Design

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5 Steps To Choosing A Great Host ***********************************************************

Being online used to be quite expensive. You had to haverepparttar 134412 hardware to run a site, or pay a small fortune for hosting. These days, there are so many hosting companies it can be confusing. Different companies offer different plans, features, transfer rates and support levels, so how can you choose what's right for you?

Follow these 5 simple steps to findrepparttar 134413 right package for you.

1. Storage space and data transfer. A small information site or personal site will usually only require a few megabytes of disk space, however, data transfer depends onrepparttar 134414 size ofrepparttar 134415 pages your are offering your visitors multiplied byrepparttar 134416 number of visitors. Therefore, a popular and graphics heavy website (such as online art gallery http://www.clickart-gallery.com ) requires a greater monthly transfer than a mostly text site (such as http://www.brealweb.com). You should look at a minimum of 2 GB (2000 MB) data transfer a month. Check withrepparttar 134417 company that they can upgrade your account if your site increases it's need for storage or monthly data transfer.

2. Added Features. Make a list ofrepparttar 134418 features you want before you start your shopping. Many features such as e-commerce shopping carts and real time credit card processing will cost you a lot of money. Pre-installed scripts such as email scripts and page counters and use of a secure server (SSL) should be included for free. If you can get a browser control panel and browser mail, this allows you extra flexibility with your site. Browser based email lets you access your mail from any Internet connected computer. Be sure you know what's included inrepparttar 134419 cost of your hosting package. If in doubt, contactrepparttar 134420 company and ask.

Bandwidth Explained

Written by Breal Web Design

Bandwidth Explained by Breal Web Design

What is Bandwidth and Data Transfer?

Simply put, bandwidth and data transfer are synonomous, referring torepparttar amount of data sent to and from visitors and your website. It is calculated byrepparttar 134409 size of your web page and includes all scripting and images on a page. For example, if you have a page totalling 20KB in file size, then when a visitor loads that page on their browser, they are receiving 20KB of data.

This means to calculate bandwidth, you need to consider a)repparttar 134410 size of your pages (or website) b)repparttar 134411 number of visitors to your website c)repparttar 134412 kind of files you offer your visitors.

Most personal websites have only a small amount of data transfer, as their websites are small in file size and they do not have a lot of visitors. Business and professional sites are larger with more visitors and therefore use more data transfer. Breal's entire site is under 2 MB in file size. Some sites may be significantly larger, especially if they offer many graphics, audio, video or download files.

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