5 Starting Steps To Your Own Web Business

Written by Jason Mann

5 Starting Steps To Your Own Web Business By Jason Mann

Even if you are a savvy, experienced web business owner, a refresher of these starting points won't hurt.

Let's dive right in ...

1.) Register your own domain name and get your on a reliable web host.

Without your own www.yourdomain.com you're selling yourself and your potential customers short. There isn't *one single* reason you shouldn't have your own domain name and hosting.

You can get a perfectly reliable host for $9.95 per month and registering a domain name for one year cost as little as $8.95.

No excuse not to have them.

2.) A line of products or serives *you control*

Affiliate programs are great and they can put serious money in your pocket over time. Butrepparttar real golden goose is your own products or services.

When you have 100% control overrepparttar 117597 product you have increased leverage on how to employ it into your business.

3.) You must haverepparttar 117598 capability to accept credit cards.

If you're not takingrepparttar 117599 major credit cards you're losing *loads* of business. I guarantee that. You should look into getting your own merchant account. I use a company called, Ecommerce Exchange. Their steller and have given me great service. Their rates are fair as well.

If you just can't go that route, you can also use a company like http://www.Ibill.com or http://www.WorldPay.com for International businesses.

4.) Sales copy that is PROVEN.

I was speaking with a friend of minerepparttar 117600 other day and when I asked, "What isrepparttar 117601 number one thing you would say stops new business owners online from making serious money?" He replied, "Not having proven sales copy."

This coming from a man who in 1996 wrote a letter which resulted in selling 50,000 of his courses in under 9 months.


Written by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

When we think about it, many ofrepparttar things we do seem to 'snowball.'

We come up with an idea, we work on it, we execute it.

Then a second idea comes up as a direct result ofrepparttar 117596 first idea.

Along comes a third idea and it's very much related torepparttar 117597 first two ideas.

Even though it was never in our plans to get fromrepparttar 117598 first idea torepparttar 117599 third, they all seem to fall into place.

They all... jive.

For many of us who makerepparttar 117600 Internet our virtual office, we may have many 'snowball moments.' In fact, our entire online existence may be one big snowball!

Let me give you an example of my own snowball: After I finished creating my first e-mail workshop and likedrepparttar 117601 results, I created several more that would help me earn money to support my sites. I never thought I'd be writing an e-book onrepparttar 117602 subject a couple of months later. It certainly wasn't planned.

Because ofrepparttar 117603 e-book, I started another newsletter devoted torepparttar 117604 topic of e-mail workshops so I can keep in touch with people who boughtrepparttar 117605 e-book. It's also a free resource for people who want to learn more about creating and using e-mail workshops, eCourses and tutorials for their business.

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