5 Simple Steps Guaranteed To Allow You To Spend More Time With Your Children This Summer

Written by Dr. Charles Sophy

Look around: Your kids are counting sleeps untilrepparttar last day of school,repparttar 145880 local outdoor swimming pool is open, andrepparttar 145881 temperature has sky-rocketed. Summer is here! Are you still stuck in your winter routine? The one filled with rushing around to after school programs, play dates and endless birthday parties. Do you still feelrepparttar 145882 pressure of hurrying your kids to catchrepparttar 145883 school bus and rushing out after them to deliverrepparttar 145884 lunch that little Amanda forgot onrepparttar 145885 table? Summer is here! Time to relax!

Summertime is a time to relax some of our daily routines, allowing more flexibility into our lives. The holidays are often a time where we anticipate lots of wonderful family time together to create and share experiences that are timeless. Yet many parents dread some ofrepparttar 145886 practical challenges of getting throughrepparttar 145887 summer. Many people can't afford to totally disengage fromrepparttar 145888 routine of work and adult commitments to spend as much time with their children as they would like. Don't get caught up inrepparttar 145889 "all or nothing" mindset - even small changes in your daily schedule can go a long way to helping your child feel likerepparttar 145890 priority in your day.

Creating more time in a busy adult life is easier if you follow these five simple steps:

1. Identifyrepparttar 145891 barriers blocking flexibility in your schedule.<.b> Look for areas in your schedule that can be traded off for more time with your children.

2. Address each issue identified above and rate as flexible or inflexible. For example, a weekly team meeting would rank as an inflexible activity whereas an hour atrepparttar 145892 gym after dinner would rank as flexible. 3. Engage your child inrepparttar 145893 planning of shared time. Make surerepparttar 145894 time you spend together is valuable. Plan activities that you both will enjoy and that allow for parent / child interactions.

4. Be Mindful. Remember, you can't be everything to everybody. Sometimes your commitments as an adult conflict with your commitments as a parent. When conflicts arise, talk to your children to explainrepparttar 145895 situation and let them know how you feel.

5. Respect. Everyone needs time alone. Remember to respect your and your child's need for "me" time

Fun & Creative Princess Party Ideas

Written by John Lenaghan

Fun & Creative Princess Party Ideas

If you’ve got a special little girl betweenrepparttar ages of about 3 & 7, then a princess birthday party could berepparttar 145843 big social event ofrepparttar 145844 year!

When looking for princess party ideas, it’s obvious to think of pink but don’t limit your imagination to pink fluffy dresses and pink frosting for birthday cakes. With some imagination, your ideas can create a very special party!

Let’s start with decorations. Helium balloons can create a stunning castle arch and once your guests are indoors then have them sit on a princess throne for a souvenir photo in an overstuffed chair which has been decorated with floral garlands, crepe paper or shiny fabric.

Activities for Princess Parties Princesses love to wear crowns. You can buy inexpensive plastic crowns as well as fake “jewels” for each princess to make a birthday party hat. Inexpensive beading sets can be used to make princess jewelry. Invite a storyteller torepparttar 145845 party to read a dramatic fairy tale or two involving a princess. Or give your princesses a chance to act out their own plays based on simple fairy tales.

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