5 Shortcuts to a Life of Charity

Written by Copy For Sale

Charity isnítrepparttar easiest virtue to master. And with St. Paulís warning that our good works mean nothing without charity, we see how important it is to practice. Hereís a few practical ways to install charity into every day life.

Give to people what they want, not what you think is best. Weíve all said it- ďIf I give him money, heíll just spend it on alcohol or drugs.Ē Give your gifts unconditionally, and donít worry about how someone else will use them. As long as thereís no evil inrepparttar 145377 gift itself,repparttar 145378 way itís used isnít on your shoulders. Besides, most of us use this as an excuse to give nothing at all.

Pick out one thing every day to do something special for someone. Not something you already do. Something new and extra. And do it quietly. Mt:6:3:3 ďBut when thou dost alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doth.Ē

Are You a Worrier?

Written by Jessica Gerald (Pen Name)

I'm a born worrier. It's something I fight allrepparttar time. But it never seems to be what is actually happening that I worry about. It'srepparttar 145376 "what-ifs?" that causerepparttar 145377 most stress.

I thought aboutrepparttar 145378 words of Jesus in Matthew 6:33,34. He understands our tendency to worry, fear, and fret. He advises us to take one day at a time, and trustrepparttar 145379 present andrepparttar 145380 future to him.

I've found

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