5 Secrets of Successful Copywriting

Written by David Garfinkel

5 Secrets of Successful Copywriting © 2004 David Garfinkel

Would you like your sales to go throughrepparttar roof?

Of course you would. Who wouldn't?

I have found five secret "keys" that dramatically improverepparttar 108077 money-making ability of just about ANY sales message.

This discovery came from writing hundreds of successful sales messages myself, and helping thousands of other people improve their own skills at writing successful advertising sales copy.

I've also found every time someone else gets better results from what I have taught them, my own life improves. With that in mind, here arerepparttar 108078 five secret "keys" for you to use and profit from:

SECRET 1: Focus your advertising sales copy on ACTION.

Begin by getting crystal-clear onrepparttar 108079 action you want your prospect to take. If it's to buy, then keep that in mind as you write. Also, write in an "action" frame of mind. That means use action words: walk, run, reach, touch, grab, pull, put in your pocket.

Here's another action secret. In your imagination, figure out how to move obstacles out ofrepparttar 108080 way, so your prospect's clear path to action is unobstructed and easy to follow. And make it easy for your prospects to takerepparttar 108081 action you want them to take.

SECRET 2: Don't sell your product!

I know that sounds contrary to common sense. But I promise you will make far more sales if you visualize your product as a SOLUTION to your prospect's most pressing problemÖ or picture your product asrepparttar 108082 way to makerepparttar 108083 prospect's fondest DREAM come trueÖ or even describe your product asrepparttar 108084 answer to becomingrepparttar 108085 PERSONrepparttar 108086 prospect most wants to be.


- Solution to problem: "Tired of copy that doesn't close? With our system, you'll be writing killer copy every time!"

- Dream come true: "Here's how to create a Web site that makes money for you every single day!"

- Becomerepparttar 108087 person: "How would you like to become one ofrepparttar 108088 High Earners onrepparttar 108089 Web?"

SECRET 3: Provide proof of your promises.

Beginning copywriters need to face this fact, and experienced copywriters need to be reminded:

No one is going to believe a single word you write.

Until you provide proof, that is.

Types of proof that work include simple facts that back up your promise; testimonials showing how your product actually did for someone what you say it can do forrepparttar 108090 prospect; reasons why your product can do what you say it can do; case studies showing results; and a summary of your own track record, showing you know what you're talking about.

5 Ways to Get More Results from Your Web Copy

Written by Vanessa Selene Williams

1) Donít just emphasize benefits. Emphasize value as well.

Letís say youíre selling a new product. Letís call it popcorn facial masks. Yes, you should emphasize thatíll these exfoliating scrubs will make you look younger and sexier. Now, letís pump uprepparttar copy with some value in dollars and cents.

Announcing Popcorn Facials. An innovative new scrub that usesrepparttar 108076 exfoliating power of popcorn to smooth away your wrinkles and dead skin cells. With Popcorn facials, your skin will look sexier, younger, not to mention yummier in a matter of days instead of weeks. Best of all, as a new customer, youíll receive this popcorn facial mask for only $4.95Öthatís an astounding $10 worth of savings.

2) Keep it short. Keep scrolling to a minimum.

The more they have to scroll,repparttar 108077 more customers youíre likely to lose. If you have long pages of copy and pictures, consider breaking it up into separate pages. Or, you can place internal links withinrepparttar 108078 copy. Alternatively, you can place a table of contents atrepparttar 108079 beginning -- Anything thatíll keep your customers from strolling because of excessive scrolling.

3) Be eye-friendly.

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