5 Reasons to Organize Your Home Today

Written by Karen Fritscher-Porter

Home organization isn't just for neat-nicks or those drawn toward organized living. Even if you don't fall into those two stereotypes, you should consider learning and implementing some home organizing techniques. Why bother? Here are five good reasons to organize your home:

PEACE OF MIND - When you have a closet packed full of miscellaneous items, don't you sometimes think "I've got to put that on my to-do housekeeping list"? Or you think "I've got to go through that closet to find those missing papers, shoes, whatever." And then when you don't do it, you get a nasty reminder every time you open that closet door. Now multiply that scenario and thought pattern byrepparttar number of other areas in your home that give you that same feeling. When it's visible, clutter weighs on your mind because you can't forget about it. It's there every time you openrepparttar 149416 closet door! So getting organized once and for all could decrease your stress levels by putting your mind more at ease.

MORE TIME - Home organization means less time spent searching for things. You can find what you want now, not in 15 minutes, an hour or perhaps never. Being able to find your ski jacket instantly means 15 more minutes of skiing time. That sure sounds like a lot more fun than spending those 15 minutes searching through your closet for a warm jacket.

ANSWER FEWER QUESTIONS - Where are my shoes? Where is my purse or wallet? Have you seen my keys? Where's my backpack? I'm late! Have you seen my brown sweater? If all family members knowrepparttar 149417 home organization system, then they know where to find their stuff without asking you. But even if they don't, at least you can answer their questions quicker and without stopping what you're doing to help them search.

Flattering Swimwear for Everyone ó Yes, Even YOU!

Written by Valerie Giles

"There are so many styles of swimwear to choose from, especially if you are a women. With more options than ever, all women regardless of size or shape, can feel stylish wearing swimwear atrepparttar pool or onrepparttar 149380 beach this season."

Summertime is inevitably a season when we all at some time or another bring outrepparttar 149381 swimwear. Whether it is atrepparttar 149382 beach, camping orrepparttar 149383 cottage,repparttar 149384 warm weather and tantalizing water encourages a refreshing swim. There are some onrepparttar 149385 other hand who may not even use their swimwear forrepparttar 149386 water but who like to sit inrepparttar 149387 sunís rays and give their skinrepparttar 149388 glow of summer. Whatever use you have for your bikini or swimwearrepparttar 149389 wonderful assortment of fabrics, styles and accessories will have you out and about enjoyingrepparttar 149390 fine weather.

There are some of us who donít exactly look forward to this time of year when we have to bring outrepparttar 149391 swimwear and bikinis in hopes that those couple of extra pounds gained overrepparttar 149392 year wonít have us bulging out ofrepparttar 149393 seams. Not to fret though as swimwear today offers great stretch fabrics for easy mobility and plenty of style options that might just minimize or hide any imperfections.

The fabric, body shape, design and color are all factors when choosingrepparttar 149394 most flattering swimwear for you. When selecting a swimsuitrepparttar 149395 quality of fabric is important as you want a suit that will stand up torepparttar 149396 seasons of wear, sun and saltwater. Nylon, Lycra and Faille are popular fabrics used for swimsuits, they resist fading and hold their stretchiness. Nylon and Lycra used together offer more stretch then standard swimwear along with shaping, control and comfort forrepparttar 149397 wearer.

The design ofrepparttar 149398 swimsuit is probablyrepparttar 149399 most important factor when women are out shopping for swimwear and bikinis. You will find plenty of suggestions on flattering suits for all sorts of body types. There are suits to create curves where needed, suits to minimize hips, suits to whittle waistlines, others to add shape to specific areas and then there arerepparttar 149400 standard all purpose suits that may look great on a variety of shapes. Lines and colors are very important in minimizing or accentuating particular parts ofrepparttar 149401 body. Black and darker colors are often used to minimize, while stripes depending on whether they are vertical or horizontal are used forrepparttar 149402 same minimizing (vertical) or accentuating (horizontal) effects. There are several special sizes of swimsuits available to accommodate women from petite, tall and plus sizes.

Bikinis alone come in several popular designs that may include; tankinis which are similar to a tank top (with matching bottom, there are different variations ofrepparttar 149403 tankini from short (aboverepparttar 149404 navel) to tops that touchrepparttar 149405 bottom piece; bandeau tops are designed as a strip usually with no straps; halter tops are just asrepparttar 149406 name implies similar to a halter with possibly a string that goes aroundrepparttar 149407 neck connectingrepparttar 149408 bodice; lastly there are bra-tops (similar to bra designs) and triangle tops (triangle designs). The bikini that works best will vary from person to person, you want a top that offers support if needed, it is always best to try on a few different tops and see what works best.

Womenís swimsuits offer features such as; soft-cup bras which give full support, built-in shelf bras with underwire, sarongs that add gentle shaping to midsection, gentle tummy wraps that accentuates shape, side shirring adding gentle shaping, and overlapping tops with bottoms for gentle coverage. There are also swimsuits available in swim dress designs which offer additional coverage of hips if needed for some, and bandeau style one pieces with no straps.

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