5 Reasons Why Your Site Needs to Publish a News Feed

Written by Tinu Abayomi-Paul

It seems like everyone is talking about RSS Feeds. Theyíve been around for years butrepparttar buzz is up about them asrepparttar 128293 technology continues to go mainstream. Some people are reportedly abandoning their browsers and viewingrepparttar 128294 web through their readers - but they hardly representrepparttar 128295 general public yet.

So does your site need one?

This question is somewhat like asking if your site needs a newsletter. Sure,repparttar 128296 sky wonít fall tomorrow if you donít get one today, but once you realizerepparttar 128297 benefits of having a news feed for your site, and try it for yourself, you may become an addict likerepparttar 128298 rest of us.

Reason #1: More free traffic to your site

Iím not exaggerating when I say that a frequently updated feed can bring you massive amounts of traffic in a short time period. This wonít be true forever.

Hereís a snapshot in PDF format, of justrepparttar 128299 feed-originating traffic to a new page of my site forrepparttar 128300 first 24 hours it opened.


Not exactly a stampede, but hereísrepparttar 128301 good part.

Onrepparttar 128302 fourth day,repparttar 128303 feed traffic doubled, and all other traffic continued to rise atrepparttar 128304 same rate.

That's my fifth active feed ofrepparttar 128305 twenty I have spread out over four sites, and I get similar results each time. In thirty days, that would be at least 5,000 new targeted visitors - again, this is not counting my present traffic, or those who try my feed and stay subscribed, nor does it factor in what happens whenrepparttar 128306 traffic doubles again..

I canít promise yourepparttar 128307 exact same results, no one can. But you should know that my feed is targeted towards a crowed market - if you know how to set up your feed properly and correctly apply your keyword research, you could have better results..

Those visitors, fromrepparttar 128308 first hour of traffic to today, resulted just from submitting my feed torepparttar 128309 list of directories I compiled from many sources and studied. Some bring great free traffic to new feeds, some are better for once your feed has matured.

You can often get better placement in feed directories and in Yahooís RSS Directory than you could from your results in a regular search engine, and sometimes, inclusion is instant.

Reason #2: Itís a hands-off way to update your audience

What if you could run your newsletter withoutrepparttar 128310 hassles of maintaining your list, removing bounced addresses, finding new subscribers, formattingrepparttar 128311 content you find, altering your content to keep from being blacklisted, and after all that, wondering if allrepparttar 128312 various blockers mistakenly kept your message from getting through?

If that sounds like heaven, you can be one ofrepparttar 128313 angels as soon as an hour from now.

When you supplement your current newsletter with more frequent updates via feed, you will be able to push out updates to subscribers to your news channel or feed more frequently and more efficiently.

How to increase your ranking in search engines

Written by Nick McPherson

You have permission to publish this article electronically or in print, free of charge, as long asrepparttar bylines are included.

How to increase ranking in Search Engines.

Welcome to how to increase ranking in search engines, Today we are going to work with using keywords, recipricol linking, keywords in links, and content in order to get a good page ranking in any ofrepparttar 128292 major search engines.

CONTENT No matter how many keywords, or links your page has,repparttar 128293 fact ofrepparttar 128294 matter is that all ofrepparttar 128295 major search engines love content. It has always been this way, and it will always be this way. Having great content is what every search engine strives for because it meetsrepparttar 128296 need of their customers. Your going to want to create a content rich page first, and worry about links/keywords later. You want your content to cater torepparttar 128297 keywords on which you wish to get listed. As soon as you finish this content, it's time to move on to keywords.

KEYWORDS Keywords have many myths and reality,repparttar 128298 only thing known is that you must have keywords in your webpage. I beleive thatrepparttar 128299 Search Engines love keywords that look like small sentences. Make it look like a small phrase. Don't over do it with keywords, but make sure you get your 1st keyword(s) inrepparttar 128300 heading under

Top keyword

. Put your 1st keyword inrepparttar 128301 title of your page. TIP: When putting a keyword in your title or description, try to place your keyword before anything else. Ex.Forrepparttar 128302 keyword "high ranking" "The best website for high ranking"<-- NO ,"High Ranking website, The best" <-- Better (This can also be used with keywords in links)

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