5 Reasons To Avoid PublishAmerica

Written by Lisa Maliga

Ever since I first wrote about my publishing pitfalls with PublishAmerica, I’ve received a lot of correspondence from writers asking me if they too should avoid publishing with this notorious online POD company. So, in response to yet another letter from an unpublished author, I’ve been motivated to write aboutrepparttar top five reasons why one shouldn’t hand over their manuscript to this Frederick, Maryland based online publisher.

Although a person can go to any search engine such as Yahoo or Google and type inrepparttar 146462 term “PublishAmerica” or “Publish America” [usingrepparttar 146463 quotes gets more results], many authors refrain from doing this. This is a gigantic mistake on their part as they generally have squandered a manuscript that they’ve spent many months or years working on, and have eliminated their chances at getting published with a legitimate publisher.

PublishAmerica is a tiny online based publishing company run by a trio of unpublished authors, namely Dutch born and raised Willem Meiners who speaks and writes English as a second language, Larry Clopper, a computer programmer, and Miranda Prather, a poet. Unlikerepparttar 146464 “traditional” mainstream publishers that they are constantly comparing themselves to, this executive staff is underrepparttar 146465 delusion that they are changingrepparttar 146466 publishing industry. Instead of admitting on their patriotic looking web site that they are a vanity POD [Print On Demand] publisher with a strict no-returns policy that exists solely to sellrepparttar 146467 authors’ books back torepparttar 146468 author him or herself, this company pretends that they are radically alteringrepparttar 146469 publishing world.

Authors, ifrepparttar 146470 above hasn’t already dissuaded you from signing a PublishAmerica contract, please think aboutrepparttar 146471 following points:

1.Your book will NOT be stocked in a chain or independent bookstore due torepparttar 146472 no-returns policy, high cover price, and short discount. 2.The Publish America team of editors consists of teenagers and young adults who run spelling/grammar checks on manuscripts, which doesn’t amount to much if you have ever used a standard word processing editing program. They also have a non-editing option you can choose which will allow your book to be released in a matter of weeks rather than months. Editing for story, length, characterization, and content doesn’t exist inrepparttar 146473 PublishAmerica editing stable.

Raven Breath

Written by K.S. Fellow

Raven breath

By moon light, were didrepparttar raven weep, were did it’s blood stained feathers fall. trail to dark haven, were no man has time to smile. It will indeed take a while for any breath to not frost, for any heart to beat warmly. Slowlyrepparttar 146081 reality weaves, likerepparttar 146082 spider’s dewy doilies that drift and flow withrepparttar 146083 heavy night air. Kindled in low winter lighting, so that no color is seen,repparttar 146084 reaching long curling figures ofrepparttar 146085 dark watery faces that live throughrepparttar 146086 pale care ofrepparttar 146087 winds' whip...that brings drips of starry tears, andrepparttar 146088 shad of doubt cultivates many spiraling threads of fears. Reaping what is sewn isrepparttar 146089 unveiling of a deceiver’s chortled words and gnarled strands of figures that nudge like fat leaches on back side ones neck. Mirth is onlyrepparttar 146090 last echo ofrepparttar 146091 choked call, if your hands are stained withrepparttar 146092 raven’s dripping liquid of breath.

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