5 Reasons No One Will Swap Links With You

Written by Matt Colyer

Many webmasters simply don't understand how to request a link exchange in way that is not titled or viewed as "spam". In this article I will list five reasons why no one is trading links with your web site.

1) Robots - No webmaster that has worked hard on his (her or their) web site wants a robot coming around asking for a link exchange. In fact many consider this as spam and they are often offended by this.

2) Watch what you say! - When emailingrepparttar web site owner you should never make mean comments or sound cold, like a robot. Make it more personal and that you are real a person and not an automated system.

3) Make it clear! - When contactingrepparttar 119317 webmaster you should be clear and torepparttar 119318 point. Only tell them what they need to know and forgetrepparttar 119319 rest. If they need to know something they will ask. Tell them where their link will be listed at and suggest where you would like your link to be placed at.

How To Get Lots Of Home Page Links

Written by Rick Rouse

Most webmasters are reluctant to link out from their home pages, so getting home page links pointing to your own website can be difficult. But there is a simple and effective way to get tons of home page links.

All you have to do is find websites that are relatively new and offerrepparttar webmasters a good link from two or three internal, well-established pages on your site in exchange for a home page link on theirs.

This is a true win-win situation because your linking partner gets two or three high quality inbound links to help establish his/her new site while you get a home page link on a site that will become established in its own right in a relatively short period of time.

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