5 Powerful Ways To Get Zero Sales From Your Website

Written by Al Martinovic

I want you to imagine a lemon. In your mind's eye, see its yellow skin. Imagine cutting it in half with a knife. Now pick uprepparttar one lemon half and bring it up to your mouth and suck onrepparttar 127205 juices.

Do you notice how sharprepparttar 127206 tangy lemon juice could be? Does it make you pucker? Do you notice how your mouth is watering?


Now you realizerepparttar 127207 power of words!

See, one thing I was good at inrepparttar 127208 beginning of my online career was not getting any sales.

Really, I turned it into an art form.

So with that said, I want to share with you my 5 all-time favorite ways of getting Zero sales from your website:

1. Headline and Sales Letter I don't need to have a powerful headline and a compelling sales letter for my site. And I definitely don't need to go to http://www.thegaryhalbertletter.com and learn how to write powerful sales letters for fr*e. It's too much work.

2. Contact Information Why should I have my contact information onrepparttar 127209 main page of my website. I don't want to build trust by posting my name, address, email, fax and telephone number on my site. I want to hide behindrepparttar 127210 internet and in turn people can then hide their wallets from me.

3. Guarantee Why should I offer a bold gurantee forrepparttar 127211 products I sell on my website. If people don't likerepparttar 127212 product then it's too bad. I really don't care that it's been proven thatrepparttar 127213 longer your guarantee is,repparttar 127214 less returns and complaints you'll have. What does that stuff have to do with me?

Sales Letters And The Cost Of Integrity

Written by Ginger Geracitano

Sales Letters And The Cost Of Integrity Written by Ginger Geracitano

Agonizing, isn't it? The entire process of deciding on which words to use when presenting your product or service to potential clients is probablyrepparttar most critical process that any business owner faces. Althoughrepparttar 127204 majority of my experience is based on offline efforts, I'm finding that sales strategies onrepparttar 127205 internet aren't much different. Why?

Simply put, to effectively sell anything, you must appeal to your prospect's emotions. Human nature doesn't distinguish between cyber space andrepparttar 127206 3D world! How Successful Can An Honest Salesperson Be?

I hate hype, and headlines that blow reality right outrepparttar 127207 window. Popular theories dictate that we model our own efforts after what has already proven to be successful.

Successful should, in this case, translate into actual sales made, resulting in satisfied customers. Just because you see a sales letter plastered all overrepparttar 127208 internet, does not make it successful! Some people would have you believe that marketing is a numbers game, you know... 'those withrepparttar 127209 most ad exposures win'.

If your sales letter isn't effective, it doesn't matter how many times it's exposed... it just fails that many more times!

Exaggerated claims and outrageous headlines may appeal to your prospect's emotions, but do they lead to satisfied customers?

You tell me. Do you thinkrepparttar 127210 person that boughtrepparttar 127211 product claiming to earn them $10,000 by next Tuesday was satisfied? Probably not.

So, how do we effectively write an honest sales letter? Some people will tell you that there's no place for honesty in advertising. I don't believe that's true today.

I believe that today's consumers are better educated, and more cautious about any purchase they make. I've found that not only is an honest approach effective, but I have no problem sleeping at night.

Simple Guidelines Of Writing An Effective Sales Letter, While Keeping Your Integrity In Tact: (*) Establish "NEED": Right offrepparttar 127212 bat, you need to make sure that your reader realizes that they have a need that you can fill. This is done most effectively by introducingrepparttar 127213 'need' in your headline. Don't assume your prospects are aware that they have this need! (*) Establish "TRUST": Before rushing right into how you can solve your prospect's need, tell them why they should trust you enough to continue reading your offer. How you do this depends onrepparttar 127214 method of delivery of your Sales Letter. A letter to your established customer base, or list subscribers may not concentrate as heavily on this point. Onrepparttar 127215 other hand,repparttar 127216 home page of your sales site, which is most likely to be visited by strangers would need to be stronger in this area. One way I establish trust, is by admitting a downfall or imperfection inrepparttar 127217 product. Backed up by an offsetting benefit that outweighsrepparttar 127218 defect will prove to your reader that you are indeed keeping their best interest in mind by NOT insulting their intelligence by assuming they won't noticerepparttar 127219 defect. Strengthen your endorsement by being honest. (*) Establish "YOUR BRAND": This is a topic that entire businesses have been built on, so to remain very basic forrepparttar 127220 purpose of this article, let me just put it to you this way; don't userepparttar 127221 words of another! Your own personal testimonial, outlining your own experience withrepparttar 127222 product or service will serve you much better inrepparttar 127223 long run, than

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