5 Powerful Techniques that Produce Unstoppable Sales

Written by Ted Nicholas

There are five powerful techniques that will add compelling strength to your sales copy. I'm even going to tell you a hidden benefit technique. But first, a word of caution: When these techniques are properly applied, they arerepparttar most powerful marketing strategies inrepparttar 127455 world bar none. You stand a good chance of increasing sales so much that you may experience order fulfillment challenges. Be sure you can promptly fulfillrepparttar 127456 extra orders you are bound to generate!

Magic Technique #1 -- The Single Most Compelling Benefit

The strategy Iím about to reveal to you has to do with your headlines. First, letís do a quick review ofrepparttar 127457 process of creating them.

Study your product. Write down allrepparttar 127458 obvious benefits (fromrepparttar 127459 prospectís point of view) on 3Ē X 5Ē cards. Write as many as you can. Often, youíll haverepparttar 127460 best headline you could ever find from this procedure. If so, prepare your ad withrepparttar 127461 obvious benefit headline.

Youíll also want to try creating a hidden benefit headline to test againstrepparttar 127462 obvious benefit headline. You can findrepparttar 127463 hidden benefit by answering this question: "If I had unlimited God- like power, what would berepparttar 127464 single most compelling benefit my prospects would like to gain from my product?"

The hidden benefit has nothing directly to do withrepparttar 127465 product itself -- butrepparttar 127466 answer torepparttar 127467 previous question can become your most powerful benefit -- and thus your headline, as well asrepparttar 127468 main theme of your offer. Just make sure your product actually delivers onrepparttar 127469 headlineís promise.

By using this special strategy, Iíve written some ofrepparttar 127470 most successful headlines in direct marketing history.

Magic Technique #2 -- Add power to headlines

Studies show that an ad headline draws 28% more attention if framed in quotation marks! The ad appears much more important because it givesrepparttar 127471 impression that someone is being quoted. This makes it more riveting, and more likely to be read. And that is your first task Ė to get it read. Ifrepparttar 127472 ad is not read, you have no chance of making a sale.

Magic Technique #3 -- Ask forrepparttar 127473 order

Unsuccessful marketers are reluctant to ask forrepparttar 127474 order. For any offer to be successful, you must be clear and explicit as to how you ask forrepparttar 127475 order. Include every detail, even if it seems obvious to you. Make it easy forrepparttar 127476 prospect to buy. Itís also important that when you ask forrepparttar 127477 order,repparttar 127478 prospect should have been primed forrepparttar 127479 close. The sequence of presenting copy elements (and hot buttons) is crucially important.

How to Close More Online Sales Through the Magic of Questions

Written by Brian Tracy

No one can deny that sales closing techniques are absolutely vital in face-to-face selling. But often, people ask me if they can apply my powerful closing techniques to online marketing. My answer is an unequivocal, "Yes!"

Of course, there are some closing techniques that are more applicable torepparttar Web than others -- but I'll show you magical closing secrets that can dramatically increase your web sales, and rapidly increase your online income. This works best on direct response websites - i.e., those that focus on getting an immediate response inrepparttar 127454 form of an order or lead.

Before we get started, I must emphasize that much of repparttar 127455 sale is made inrepparttar 127456 presentation. The close is largely determined by how well you've presentedrepparttar 127457 product torepparttar 127458 prospect. Your objective, then, is to takerepparttar 127459 prospect smoothly pastrepparttar 127460 point of closing, making it easy for him or her to come to a buying decision. You can accomplish this withrepparttar 127461 strategic use of questions.

The All-Important Opening Question

When you're selling online, you don't haverepparttar 127462 benefit of interacting with your prospectrepparttar 127463 way you would in face-to-face selling. Therefore,repparttar 127464 first thing you say in your web copy has to be something that breaks preoccupation, grabs attention, and points torepparttar 127465 result or benefit ofrepparttar 127466 your product.

At any given moment, your prospect's mind is preoccupied with dozens of things. Therefore, a well-crafted question will causerepparttar 127467 prospect's thinking to be directed to what you have to say.

Your opening question must be aimed at something that is relevant and important, and at something that your prospect needs or wants. What do sales managers, for instance, sit around and think about all day long? Increasing sales! Therefore, if your target market consists of sales managers, here's an example of a question you can use as a headline or asrepparttar 127468 first part of your copy: "How would you like to see a method that would enable you to increase your sales by 20% to 30% overrepparttar 127469 next 12 months?"

When you ask such a question,repparttar 127470 first thing that pops intorepparttar 127471 mind ofrepparttar 127472 prospect should be, "What is it?" - whereupon you've captured his or her attention, and you can then begin to articulate how your product or service can solverepparttar 127473 need posed by repparttar 127474 question. ==================================================== Plan your opening question carefully. If your opening question fails to break your prospect's preoccupation and grab his attention, he will click away before giving yourepparttar 127475 opportunity to present your product or service.

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