"5 Powerful Free List-Building Tactics!"

Written by Michael S.L Bombard

1. Promote your email list through an affiliate program. At http://listpartners.com you can easily set-up your own affiliate program at zero cost. You then just pay your affiliates a small commission per subscriber, or credit them with advertising impressions in your publication.

2. Use a "pop-in" box on your website to collect leads. It's a proven fact, those little boxes that pop-up when you visit a website can be up to 3,800% more effective, says Brian Garvin of Optinlightning.com . I have to agree! For an example pop-in box: http://optinlightning.com

3. Flaunt those testimonials and build credibility. Testimonials can play a huge role in how prospects repond to your advertisement. In fact, I'm sure I've made purchases based on a product's testimonials alone.

Adding a few testimonials to your web page or ad copy is one ofrepparttar cheapest, most effective ways to immediately boost reponse rates. Try it. (Don't forget your order form!)

Building an E-mail Address Database

Written by Lauri Harpf

E-mail marketing works, there's no denying it. Its key advantage over other Internet marketing methods is that it enables you to contactrepparttar customer instead of forcingrepparttar 109640 customer to contact you. This ability is especially useful when something that your customers need to know as soon as possible has happened. Whether you've just released a new product or decided to cut your prices by 10%,repparttar 109641 fastest way to spreadrepparttar 109642 word is via E-mail.

However, unless you want to give your company a bad name, you can't simply start sending E-mails to people that haven't agreed to receive them. The only ethical and reasonable way to advertise via E-mail is to first obtain a permission, or an opt-in request, fromrepparttar 109643 receiver. The trouble is that this can't be done via E-mail, as it would be similar to asking someone whether you can ask them a question. What'srepparttar 109644 point in doing that, when you've already done what you wanted them to allow you to do?

Getting people to opt-in ========================

Due torepparttar 109645 above reasons, creating your own opt-in E-mail database is not an easy task. In addition, because of privacy concerns andrepparttar 109646 fear of spam, many people are reluctant to give out their E-mail address without a good reason to do so. These fears can be soothed by creating a strict privacy policy and sticking to it, but it's harder to convince your visitors that it would be in their best interest to reveal their E-mail address to you. Fortunately, there are some time-tested solutions available for that problem as well:

1. Arrange a sweepstakes with an attractive grand prize, for example one ofrepparttar 109647 more expensive products sold on your site. Require everyone who wants to enterrepparttar 109648 drawing to give out his E-mail address and agree to receive occasional E-mails from you.

To getrepparttar 109649 best possible results, it is advisable to declare thatrepparttar 109650 winner will be contacted via E-mail and needs to claimrepparttar 109651 prize within 7 days in order to receive it. By doing so, you'll eliminaterepparttar 109652 problem of people giving out bogus E-mail addresses in order to avoid receiving advertisements.

2. Open a discussion forum on your site. By only allowing registered users to post, you can collect E-mail addresses and deter pranksters from writing abusive messages atrepparttar 109653 same time. However, if you decide to use this method to build your list, be very careful. Sending advertisements too frequently torepparttar 109654 regulars of your forum may cause them to move elsewhere and thus reducerepparttar 109655 traffic to your site.

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