5 Pay Per Click Search EngineTips

Written by Richard Baker

Pay Per Click tips will help you target specific audiences, reaching over 85% of all Internet users in a cost effective and immediate way.

Overrepparttar last 3 years we have seen a growth inrepparttar 128153 Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Engine model. This was initially fashioned by Overture, but has quickly been followed by a whole host of Pay Per Clicks.

The concept is extremely simple. You bid on words that surfers who would be interested in your website's content would use to search on. For example, if your website was about gardening...you may bid onrepparttar 128154 words "garden care" or "lawn care" etc. When someone searches onrepparttar 128155 words "garden care",repparttar 128156 search results are returned inrepparttar 128157 order ofrepparttar 128158 bids placed; so a website with a 60 cents bid would rank higher than one for 55 cents and so on.

Obviously, you will want to make sensible bids that your business can sustain. The best way to know what is affordable is to look at your website stats of visitors against your sales. If your profit last month was $1,000 and you had 400 unique visitors your profit per visitor (PPV) would be $2.50. If you had 20000 unique visitors your PPV would drop to $0.50. This is a rule of thumb as not all visitors are equal - some visitors are more qualified than others and visitors from PPC Search Engines are oftenrepparttar 128159 most qualified around. these Pay Per Click tips will help you.

PPC Search Engines arerepparttar 128160 best valuable advertising currently available. If you write a good website and expert title and descriptions with your listings, qualifying your visitors is a relatively direct task. How can you makerepparttar 128161 most of PPC search engines...great question and here are 10 excellent tips!

Bidding on low cost relevant words Brainstorm of all those great little words that are relevant. These are a great source of qualified traffic. With research and creativity you can come up with hundreds of low cost search phrases targeting your potential customers for just a few cents each. When it comes to Pay Per Click tips, this is arguably, one ofrepparttar 128162 most important to note.

Be Specific Forget bidding on broad-brush words like "e-commerce", "gifts" and "shoes" etc. Apart from being expensive they are unfocused...that means you will be paying for visitors who stay for a very short time before clicking away. If your website sells shoes be specific. Are they for men or women or even children? Do you specialize in leather shoes, maybe Italian Leather. Are you location specific, such as London or New York? Then tailor your bids accordingly.

Five Minute Introduction to Overture

Written by Alan Grissett

Ifrepparttar topic of search engine promotion sounds interesting, but you're not quite sure if you want to deal with submitting to an engine or directory and then waiting for results, there is one search service that eliminatesrepparttar 128152 confusion and ranks sites purely on one factor: how much a business is willing to pay for a listing. This pure-market-based service is called Overture (formerly GoTo.com), and it can generate extremely targeted leads and referrals to businesses willing to pay for them.

Overture operates on a competitive bidding structure. Businesses place per-click bids on specific keyword phrases, such as "automotive parts" or "golf shoes", andrepparttar 128153 higherrepparttar 128154 per-click bid a business makes,repparttar 128155 higherrepparttar 128156 ranking that business will receive for that phrase. For example, if Company A places a $0.30 per-click bid onrepparttar 128157 phrase "motorcycle repair manual", and Company B bids $0.29 per click onrepparttar 128158 same phrase, Company A's listing will appear before that of Company B. This sounds pretty straightforward, and it is, but there are two factors that are crucial for success with Overture - keyword selection and tracking.

To begin with, a company must analyze how customers search forrepparttar 128159 products or services they offer, and more specifically,repparttar 128160 keyword phrases that are used to findrepparttar 128161 products or services offered. There is one maxim here that should not be ignored: The more specificrepparttar 128162 keyword phrase that is bid on,repparttar 128163 more targetedrepparttar 128164 results. For example,repparttar 128165 owner of a small used book store may be inclined to bid on terms like "books", "used books", and "book store", but searches on phrases like these would not generate targeted leads. To find good phrases for our book store owner to bid on, we need to dig a little deeper into her business. Perhaps, becauserepparttar 128166 bookstore is inrepparttar 128167 Houston medical center area, she has a large selection of used medical books. This would give her a competitive advantage in selling these types of books, so she should try to find phrases that people use to find used medical books online. Phrases like "medical book store", "used medical books", and "discount medical books" would be good phrases to bid on becauserepparttar 128168 people searching on them would be good customers for her business.

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