5 Overlooked, Yet Deadly Reasons WhyYour $ales Letter May Be Getting Poor Results

Written by Mike Jezek

Please understand, I'm not going to list every disease that can afflict a sales letter. Rather, I'm going to display 5 response killers I sometimes see when working with clients. Is your sales letter afflicted with any ofrepparttar following? 1) To Much Windup. Get torepparttar 108176 point right away in your sales letter. Make your offer crystal clear. Try to at least do this by paragraph #2 as a general rule of thumb. Most people skim online sales letters. 2) Wordy Sentence Structure. If you're not a polished writer - odds are you have overburdened sentences. Cut out all excess and contradictory words to make your point. Wordy sentences make persuasive arguments weak. They kill response. 3) Inappropriate Use Of "Hot Words". Use "hot words" where relevant. Example: Unless you're writing about strange phenomenon in nature or health matters or supplements -- think carefully about usingrepparttar 108177 word amazing, astonishing stunning, mysterious, miracle, potent, orrepparttar 108178 phrase

Creative Success

Written by JC Anderl

One ofrepparttar clichéd mantras ofrepparttar 108175 Internet marketing world is, "Content is king." Content is very important to any website, but I think that a more important focus should be on original content.

Recently I was browsing through a few marketing related sites and I noticed a trend. I noticed that many sites containrepparttar 108176 same rehashed material. Much of this rehashed material is essential for beginning business ventures to succeed, but there also needs to be a stronger focus on creating original ideas.

Let's face it, in order to stand out, you often have to be original and creative. A great new idea is worth a hundred used up thoughts. You can't sit stagnate, especially inrepparttar 108177 fast changing world ofrepparttar 108178 Internet. You have to change withrepparttar 108179 pace, or be left behind, but why should you stop there? Why not leadrepparttar 108180 next revolution. I'm making it a point to take some time each day for thinking and creating. Its not easy to do, but if you want to really stand out, then take some time to really look for a novel idea.

Here are a few tips on finding an original idea.

1. Identify a problem - If you can find a way to fix a problem you've come up with a great idea. People obviously don't like problems of any kind. Fixing a common problem will benefit many people, and therefore have a great potential to benefit you.

2. Dorepparttar 108181 twist - Finding a truly original idea is very difficult, but that isn't exactly what you need. Putting a twist on an old idea is one ofrepparttar 108182 best methods of creative thinking. A great example of turning an old idea into a refreshingly new concept is top marketer, Mark Aesop's TrafficSwarm. He basically tookrepparttar 108183 old pop up window and created an entire traffic generation system. Keep your eyes open.

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