Written by Michael Mercer, Ph.D.

Here is a true story. My dentist did a “clinical” evaluation of my teeth. That is his fancy way to say he looked in my mouth and starred at my teeth with his own two eyes. He found no cavities in his “clinical” evaluation. I felt happy and relieved!

But then he took a quick x-ray. Lo-&-behold,repparttar x-ray immediately spotted a cavity hiding under one of my fillings!!

In other words, what you see is not always all you get!!! An objective x-ray found a lot more important information than a highly trained eye.

Likewise, some applicants come across fine in a job interview. But, they then proceed to flop after you put them onrepparttar 119403 payroll. In fact, huge amounts of research prove most interviewers do poorly at predicting how an applicant will do, if hired.

So, it is crucial for a manager to use special “x-rays” to spot potential trouble lurking within an applicant – and also uncover skills and talents that will prove beneficial on-the-job. Here are five superb “x-ray” methods you can use immediately to help you hire high-achievers – and stay away from underachievers.

1. Pre-Employment Tests Research shows that customized tests arerepparttar 119404 best way to accurately predict on-the-job performance. You can use three types of tests: A. Behavior tests – to evaluate interpersonal skills, personality, and motivations B. Abilities tests – to predict brainpower in problem-solving, vocabulary, arithmetic, grammar, and handling small details C. Character tests – to detect a “bad apple” who has a bad work ethic or might steal

Tests can be given in paper-&-pencil test booklets or onrepparttar 119405 Internet. Importantly, only use tests designed for pre-employment assessments. Customize tests you use by doing a “benchmarking study” to find out how your highly productive, low-turnover employees typically score. Then, you quickly can compare applicants’ test scores against scores of your most productive employees. Of course, you can show preference for applicants who score like your winners.

2. Remember One Truism When I deliver my speech or seminar on Hirerepparttar 119406 Best -- & Avoidrepparttar 119407 Rest™, I always point out: Whatever behavior you see fromrepparttar 119408 applicant duringrepparttar 119409 screening process is likely to berepparttar 119410 very best behavior you ever will see from that person! You surely witnessed this truism.

Let’s say you want to hire a high-energy person. Candidate A stays very high-energy during your entire screening process, including all in-depth interviews. Candidate B starts interviews high-energy (a good sign) but then acts increasingly drained asrepparttar 119411 interviews go on (a bad sign). Candidate A is much more likely to be high-energy on-the-job than Candidate B. Do not expect Candidate B to suddenly explode with energy if you hire that person.

3. Referrals from Your Best Employees Winners hang around with winners. Losers hang around with losers. Your best employees probably hang around with high-achievers. Ask those employees to refer applicants.

Builders Beware

Written by Danny Tangredi

Builders Beware by Danny Tangredi

Considering Building Your Own Software Solution – Read This First!

Every now and again a shop owner decides to take onrepparttar challenge of building an estimating/business management system from scratch. The one’s I have come across usually have a little bit of technical knowledge, maybe some previous program writing experience, and that friend/employee who assures them “A system built from scratch, no problem.” These owners tend to think that if they build a system themselves, it will be less expensive, more reliable, and above all give them a strong infrastructure forrepparttar 105632 future. Inrepparttar 105633 beginning ofrepparttar 105634 software age this might have beenrepparttar 105635 case, but in today’s environment having a “self built” mentality presents some owners with many challenges and disadvantages, which grow larger and larger everyday. Are you considering building your own software solution?

Which Type of Shop Can Rely On A Home Built System?

Not all shops are at a disadvantage when it comes to building their own system. To determine which avenue a shop should take, owners must know what type of shops benefit from a self built solution and what type is better off purchasing one. Companies with a small number of people, where only 1 person estimates, producing very few quotes daily, with little to no re-orders, and selling a small number of products with few options, may do fine using Excel or a home built shop management system. But if and when one or more of these variables change,repparttar 105636 need for a better solution increases and owners should look else where.

How Much Does It Cost To Build Your Own?

Many times an owner thinks it is less expensive to build a system then to buy one. This is one ofrepparttar 105637 biggest misconceptions of a self built system. I recently spoke with Steve Gillispie from Acorn Signs who spent 6 months creating a program from scratch before he ultimately stopped when he found a solution that did everything he needed and more. Steve said looking back “It’s idiotic to try and build your own system. The time involved andrepparttar 105638 programming knowledge required is too much. Trying to build a system internally, when other software systems are currently inrepparttar 105639 market, is idiotic.” He stated that “Software companies, such as Cyrious Software which he uses, already have hundreds of development hours invested into their programs; therefore building a system yourself starts you off with a time and knowledge disadvantage.”

Software forrepparttar 105640 Future of Your Business

If you are looking to be a competitive force in your market, grow your business, and increase your sales, creatingrepparttar 105641 right infrastructure inrepparttar 105642 most economical way is key. In an industry where time and money, building relationships, and staying competitive is vital to a business’ success, having a system in place that assists with these areas is extremely important and hard to achieve on your own. This is why many owners today like Steve, are haltingrepparttar 105643 production of a self-built system and looking towards other solutions.

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