5 Myths About Protecting Yourself from Skin Cancer

Written by Emily Clark

Sara spends much of her summer nearrepparttar beach. She lives in a mild climate and is very athletic. She loves to swim, bike and play games outdoors. Sara knowsrepparttar 144809 dangers ofrepparttar 144810 sun and so she opts for tanning salons to get her 'golden glow' while being sure to apply sunscreen every day before heading out.

Joseph lives in a cooler, northern climate. The summers can be very humid, but most ofrepparttar 144811 year is mild or even below freezing duringrepparttar 144812 harshest winter months. The beach has never been much of a draw for him and he spends most of his time doing indoor activities or at his job. Joseph doesn't worry about sunscreen and only had one sunburn that he can remember and that was when he was a child.


Which of these examples do you most associate yourself with? Did you know that Sara and Joseph are both at risk of developing skin cancer? We have all heardrepparttar 144813 warnings aboutrepparttar 144814 dangers of sun exposure. We know all aboutrepparttar 144815 importance of wearing sunscreen and hats. But are YOU protected from skin cancer? Consider these myths and facts:

MYTH ONE: Tanning Beds are Safer thanrepparttar 144816 Sun

20 minutes of exposure in a tanning bed is roughly equivalent to four hours inrepparttar 144817 sun. Although sun beds use UVA rather than UVB rays, 'The Skin Cancer Answer' states that "UV-A penetrates more deeply intorepparttar 144818 skin than UV-B, can cause skin cancer, and may suppressrepparttar 144819 immune system."

MYTH TWO: Wearing Sunscreen atrepparttar 144820 Beach is Protection

85 percent of UV rays can even make it through on cloudy days. That means you are equally at risk inrepparttar 144821 car, walkingrepparttar 144822 dog or letting your children out to play at any time of year - even when you're not atrepparttar 144823 beach. Of course, you are usually less attired atrepparttar 144824 beach and so covering up is recommended even when wearing sunscreen. Sunscreen also wears off with sweat and water and should always be applied every two hours or after getting wet.

5 Important Facts Adults Need to Know Before Getting Braces

Written by Emily Clark

Adult orthodontia is big business. More 40-something year old parents have finally gotten all their children out of braces and now itís their turn. Some middle-agers are just now becoming metal mouths because they are at a point in their life when they can finally afford it. Still others opt forrepparttar wires because after starting over after a divorce they are finally ready to get that gorgeous straight smile!

If youíre considering takingrepparttar 144739 plunge yourself, here are a few bits of information you should know before making a decision. There are basically three types of braces moms and dads are opting for: standard metal, clear brackets and invisible. The standard ones arerepparttar 144740 most cost effective and you can even changerepparttar 144741 color of your rubber bands like allrepparttar 144742 hip, cool kids are doing. Clear brackets are a bit larger in size thanrepparttar 144743 metal ones. Depending on your bite you may not have enough room to getrepparttar 144744 clear ones on your lower teeth, at least not initially. The wires are still metal and you can seerepparttar 144745 braces on your teeth, theyíre just not as noticeable. Drawbacks are they are slightly more expensive thanrepparttar 144746 metal brackets and when it comes time to take them off, itís takes a bit more effort and is consequently a little more uncomfortable. Lastly there arerepparttar 144747 invisible braces which go behind your teeth, not onrepparttar 144748 front like most. It takes a while longer to correct your smile and isrepparttar 144749 most expensive type.

Speaking of expensive, you should on plan on spending about $4,000 for your braces. Clearly you will find some orthodontists who will do it for less, and some for more. It really depends also onrepparttar 144750 length and severity of treatment. If you have orthodontia insurance coverage, some plans cover up to 50% ofrepparttar 144751 total costs. Most orthodontists will allow you to make monthly payments. Youíll be required to put a down payment on your new beautiful smile.

One thing you may not hear during your initial consultation, yet other adults who have gone before you will testify to is that when you initially get your braces put on your teeth Ė it hurts! It hurts a lot and for along time! With children they tell them it may be a little uncomfortable for two or three days and to take Ibuprophin as needed for pain. Thatís notrepparttar 144752 case with adults, although they may give yourepparttar 144753 same instructions. Think about it. Children who get braces have their permanent teeth for generally three months or three years. Those big teeth havenít become too accustomed to hanging out in their current location.

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