5 Guaranteed Ways To Kill Your Ezine

Written by Michael Low

DoubleClick's recent survey indicated that over 88% of online consumers have made a purchase as a result of receiving permission-based email.

The most common forms of permission-based emails are ezines or email newsletters. Currently there are hundreds of thousands of ezines available onrepparttar internet.

Ezines are excellent tools for generating new and follow-up sales, driving more pageviews, building customer loyalty, and improving sales credibility and brand awareness.

Even though ezines are vital torepparttar 124307 success of every online business, there are some marketers who unknowingly kill their ezines with not-so-wise marketing methods. I have highlighted some ofrepparttar 124308 killer mistakes below.

Killer #1 .. Who needs permission? Just mail 'em!

A recent study of permission email recipients by IMT Strategies revealedrepparttar 124309 following:

48% were curious to readrepparttar 124310 permission email 13% were eager to read 30% were indifferent 7% open it somewhat annoyed 2% deleted it without reading

When it came to unsolicited email or spam:

77% deleted it without reading 16% said they were annoyed but opened it 3% were indifferent to it 4% were curious to read spam email 1% percent were eager to read it

Inrepparttar 124311 above results, we can see that 9 in 10 recipients of permission email were fine with readingrepparttar 124312 messages, with a near half curious to read!

But for spam, 9 in 10 didn't even readrepparttar 124313 email or were seriously unhappy about opening it.

We can clearly see a remarkable difference inrepparttar 124314 response to permission-based emails and unsolicited emails. Always ask for permission!

Only add subscribers who have consciously chosen to receive your ezine. You'll reaprepparttar 124315 rewards of having a highly targeted and loyal audience that are interested in reading what you send them.

There have been many times when I received issues of ezines that I don't ever recalled subscribing to. These ezine owners had taken their own 'initiative' to add me their list. Such spamming antics only seriously piss me off!

Never try to buy a list of email addresses and then send them your ezine issue telling them to remove themselves if they don't wish to get further mailings. That's spamming.

Killer #2 .. Don't let 'em unsubscribe

Since it is so difficult to acquire new subscribers, let's prevent them from un-subscribing at all costs. Heck .. just don't provide them with an unsubscribe option inrepparttar 124316 newsletter. Then they won't unsubscribe!

Nothing pisses me off more than newsletters that I cannot unsubscribe from. There are no unsubscribe instruction nor any email address to send an unsubscribe request to.

Such practices are totally unethical and unprofessional. If your subscribers can't even trust you over something so minor, how would they feel secure doing business with you?

They may even complain you for spamming and tell people about your unethical conduct. Bad news spread very fast onrepparttar 124317 internet.

"Recycle Your Articles and Gain Tons of New Subscribers"

Written by Alexandria K. Brown

While there are many effective ways to promote your e-zine and gain subscribers,repparttar one I've hadrepparttar 124306 MOST success with is to write and submit articles for use in OTHER people's e-zines.

"But wait a minute," you say. "Aren't I supposed to be

creating great articles for MY e-zine?"

Yes, you are! AND after your article appears in your OWN e-zine, you should then submit it to others. This past fall, I quickly learned that this is by farrepparttar 124307 BEST, FASTEST, FREE way to promote an e-zine for three reasons:

1) Instead of just advertising your e-zine, you're giving others a hearty taste of it! And by sharing these useful articles, you emphasize your expertise in your particular subject area.

2) You haverepparttar 124308 right to plug yourself, your biz, and your e-zine atrepparttar 124309 end of every article! And anyone using your article must keep this information intact. (More on that in a minute.)

3) You can quickly gain exposure to THOUSANDS of untapped prospects at a time. For example, last summer, a popular Internet marketing e-zine featured my article "Avoid These 5 Web Site Blunders." I was overjoyed to learnrepparttar 124310 publication had more than *10,000* subscribers! Since this was a great article, and all of these readers saw my ad for my e-zine right after it, I gained hundreds of new subscribers byrepparttar 124311 end of that week.



Browse through your archives and pick an insightful article that really showcases your expertise. Make sure it's one that you featured in your e-zine several issues ago. Why? It's a courtesy to make YOUR subscribers feel as if they're receiving unique information from you, BEFORE you offer it torepparttar 124312 rest ofrepparttar 124313 world.


Since you probably haven't looked at this article in awhile, do another proofread and clean it up if necessary. Publishers will not be interested in your article if it contains typos, misspelled words, grammatical errors, or inactive Web links --- these goofs would compromiserepparttar 124314 integrity of their publications.


Atrepparttar 124315 end ofrepparttar 124316 article, insert a copyright notice, dated when you first publishedrepparttar 124317 article. Example: (c) 2001 Alexandria K. Brown


In exchange for your letting other publishers reprint your article, it's customary to require that they includerepparttar 124318 contact information you provide. This is usually calledrepparttar 124319 "resource box" and it should come RIGHT after your copyright notice.

Here's where you can ham it up! Take about five lines and promote your E-ZINE!

Don't waste time promoting your *business* inrepparttar 124320 resource box. Why? You'll gain MORE potential clients by first getting them to subscribe to your e-zine. THEN you've got them! You will then be in front of them REGULARLY, and that's when they'll understand what a genius you are and why they should hire you.

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