5 Great Date Ideas For Teens

Written by Cami Koralewski

The teenage dating years haverepparttar potential to create some ofrepparttar 136878 greatest memories of an adolescent’s life. However, a lot of teens seem to get caught up in one of two dating ruts. The first rut is thinking that you have to spend a lot of money to have a good time. This is not true, is not possible for many teenagers, and often creates a less relaxed setting for all parties involved.

Other teenagers fall intorepparttar 136879 second rut, which comes from a complete lack of creativity:repparttar 136880 effortless dinner and a movie. In a world where individuality is such a big deal among teenagers, why would any teen want a normal, every-day date? Dinner and a movie can get really old after a while and besides, isn’trepparttar 136881 purpose of dating to have fun or at least to get to know each other? Often having fun and getting to know someone is a lot easier when you are laughing, interacting, and relaxed.

Below are a few ideas for great teen dates that are low pressure, encourage interaction, and haverepparttar 136882 potential for a great time:

El Cheapo Pick out clothes for each other fromrepparttar 136883 local thrift store. Give your date a limited amount of money to spend on your outfit. Your selection could be based on a theme like “the 80’s,” “retro,” or “the rich and famous.” Take pictures wearing your costumes in a photo booth, with a Polaroid, or any kind of camera.Wear your new clothes out to dinner. Use boxes from your garage or a dumpster. Takerepparttar 136884 boxes and design cars to “drive-through” a fast-food restaurant. You could also take your dinner and cars torepparttar 136885 “drive-in” theater.

Wild West Send out a “warrant” for your date’s arrest, listingrepparttar 136886 time and date they will be “arrested.” List yourself asrepparttar 136887 “sheriff.” You could also list reasons for your date’s arrest (they are too hot to handle, etc). Before picking up your date, dress in western clothing, remembering to bring some for your date (you may want to include a fake gun). When your date opensrepparttar 136888 door, handcuff him/her to yourself and march them at “gunpoint” torepparttar 136889 car. You could also blindfold your date. For dinner, you may want to look for a restaurant that will fit your theme. For example, a jail-house transformed into a restaurant. You could also decorate part of your house to look like a jail. Eating sloppy Joe’s for dinner while handcuffed is not only challenging, but provides a lot of laughs! Eating blindfold is even better! Afterwards, try bowling handcuffed. It’s not easy, but its fun!

Wet n’ Wild If you are anywhere near a body of water, renting canoes can be a lot of fun. You may want to try racing against other couples, doing obstacle courses, or even synchronized boating. If you arerepparttar 136890 musical type, you could serenade you date with a guitar or just your voice. Bring a picnic lunch and search together for a spot to eat. After lunch find some place to jump in and take a swim! Don’t forgetrepparttar 136891 towels!

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