5 FAST Ways to Explode YOUR Traffic!

Written by Grady Smith

Here are some foolproof ways to create a rush of traffic to your site with 5 easy strategies you can use today.

1) Bring More Traffic To Your Site With One SIMPLE Word!

I've seen a massive rise in hits on my counter after discoveringrepparttar magic word that draws people in crazed hordes! Andrepparttar 127344 word that delivers for me is FREE!

By simply putting that one word in my ads, and backing it with something thatrepparttar 127345 reader will really value, I've noticed a steady surge of traffic coming to my site. And even though I'm baiting them with a FREE offer, I'm still making a hefty profit from this technique.

2) Steal Other People's Targeted Traffic!

Whether promoting an ezine or ebook, any business can instantly benefit fromrepparttar 127346 increased exposure of joint venturing with someone in a business similar to your own.

The secret? Find someone that has a large opt-in list that doesn't directly compete with your offer, but instead compliments it. Approach them and let them keep halfrepparttar 127347 profits from sending your offer to their list, then dorepparttar 127348 same for their product through your list. It's a win-win situation.

3) Bring Hordes To Your Site For FREE When You Share!

By far writing articles is one ofrepparttar 127349 best ways I know to bring highly targeted traffic to your site. And all it takes is minimal writing ability and a bit of knowledge that will interest your target audience.

Articles run about 500 words, and instantly advertise your product in front of thousands for free when only a few quality ezines decide to use your article.

'5 Power Tips To Double Your Online Sales'

Written by Michael Southon

"How Can I Double My Sales?" - that must berepparttar silent prayer of thousands of webmasters.

There are two ways to do it: you can either double your traffic or you can double your conversion rate.

Let's say you have a conversion rate of 2% (1 sale for every 50 visitors) and you get 100 visitors a day - you're getting 2 sales a day. You could get 4 sales a day by increasing your traffic to 200 visitors a day.

But you can getrepparttar 127343 same result - with your existing traffic - by doubling your conversion rate (2 sales for every 50 visitors).

Here are 5 ways to double your conversion rate:

(1) Direct Response: Make sure your website is a 'Direct Response Website'. A DRW is a site whererepparttar 127344 only options are to Buy, Bookmark, or Leave. The more options you give your visitor,repparttar 127345 less likely they are to buy.

(2) Free E-Books: Include Free E-Books as bonus gifts with your product. This can easily double your sales - especially ifrepparttar 127346 Free E-Books are genuinely useful. Here are some places you can find Free E-Books:

http://www.free-ebooks.net/ http://www.ebookdirectory.com/ http://www.ebooksnbytes.com/download.html

(3) Testimonials: Make sure you have plenty of testimonials on your website. Preferably, they should be from customers who have achieved results from your product (e.g. more traffic, more sales, saved time etc).

(4) Follow Up: You've probably heard this over and over again but it's worth repeating - people have to see you your message about 7 times before they buy. The biggest mistake you can make is to try and sell your product onrepparttar 127347 first contact alone.

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