5 Dressing Tips To Help You Look Like A Million On A Minimum Wage

Written by Shirley Pierce and Janet Behmer

What kind of woman likes to go bargain shopping? Any woman who wants more bang for her buck and just about any woman with a reflection and a pulse.

And because we help women of all shapes, sizes and economic backgrounds, we know that bargain shopping is a must for a lot of women. New clothing is a luxury they just can’t afford.

However, economics aside, every woman, no matter how little she has, wants to buy herself something new. So, read on and learn how to enjoyrepparttar splurge with none ofrepparttar 131095 guilt.

Here arerepparttar 131096 five ways to look like a million on a minimum wage.


Let us marvel you with our psychic powers. How much prep time do you put in before you go shopping? We know what your answer is going to be. Zip. Right? You just get that primal urge or that extra space on your credit card and off you go. All we ask is that you take two seconds to take a deep breath what you need, how much money you have, what’s in, what’s out

Your first step is to go shopping in your own closet so you can make a mental or written note of what you want to add to it. See what needs to be replaced or if there are any basics you’re still missing like tops to go under blazers or shoes that go with everything. You knowrepparttar 131097 drill. Then try to think of a few classic pieces that might help to stretch what you already have like a white shirt with a French cuff or a little black dress.


What should a shopper look for when buying a “bargain”? Checkrepparttar 131098 merchandise carefully. Is it well constructed? Arerepparttar 131099 seams stitched properly? Are there loose threads? If there is a pattern, does it match atrepparttar 131100 seams? If a store is selling seconds that are slightly flawed or irregular, there should be a sign or a tag fromrepparttar 131101 manufacturer telling you so.

If merchandise is marked down, make sure you know why. Check for rips, tears, dirt or make-up smears. If you find a problem that’s easily cleaned or repaired, check withrepparttar 131102 sales people to see if you can haverepparttar 131103 item at an even bigger discount.


The best time to find bargains? Discount stores offer bargains all year round. But you can catch great buys at your favorite retail watering hole faster than you can say ... holiday. And there’s a slew of them. If you can time your urges, try to make them coincide withrepparttar 131104 following dates.

HOLIDAY SALES -- President’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter/Spring Week, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, The Day After Thanksgiving(A big one!), After Christmas and After New Year’s.

And there’s more! In addition torepparttar 131105 racks that every store keeps permanently stocked with sale items, each individual store or chain has developed their own schedule of advertised sales.

STORE SALES — Liquidation Sales, Fire Sales, Manager’s Sales, Summer’s End Sales, Winter’s End Sales, Anniversary Sale, Inventory Sale and Closing Sales. (Some stores userepparttar 131106 “Going Out of Business” banner to get you in for jacked-up prices. Some have been going out of business for years.)

Then every few weeks some stores will have a “take an extra 25% off” sale just forrepparttar 131107 heck of it. So, if you’ve seen a “must have” item but it falls intorepparttar 131108 “can’t afford” column, just keep your calendar and local paper handy. Don’t just checkrepparttar 131109 advertising pages. Flip quickly torepparttar 131110 business section. Ifrepparttar 131111 economy is down, stores will be usingrepparttar 131112 “sales” bait to get you in.

What am I doing with YOU, anyway?

Written by Neva Howell

Why do we chooserepparttar relationships we choose?

Relationship deja vu . . . Do you ever feel like you married your mother? Your father? Your own dark side? Does it feel like deja vu all over again, when you see your Grandmother's stern glare or your brother's bullying stance, overlayrepparttar 131093 face of your partner? Maybe you don't recognize those faces from your past yet. Maybe you are only aware that no one on earth (withrepparttar 131094 exception of members of your immediate family) can push your emotional hot buttons quite as quickly or intensely as your most intimate relationship.

If you look closely, and you are able to short-circuitrepparttar 131095 emotional roller-coaster of action-reaction long enough, you will probably see another face pop out, just like one of those 3-D pictures. The truth, as I see it, is that our most intimate relationships are those that most closely mirror either our own most challenging aspects of personality (the parts of ourselves that we try not to own), and/orrepparttar 131096 aspects of one or more of our core family group. We unconsciously choose these mirrors because our Soul knows that these unresolved issues from our past arerepparttar 131097 very issues that keep us from progressing and growing.

Our closest relationships offer us wonderful opportunities for spiritual growth, sharing, learning and healingrepparttar 131098 past. When two people come together with spiritual awareness that enables them to fully know and expect that each will triggerrepparttar 131099 other into looking at challenges that impede growth and acceleration, and when each is fully committed to healing themselves,repparttar 131100 relationship can be a catalyst for transformation in both. Onrepparttar 131101 other hand, ifrepparttar 131102 ego maintains control, relationships deteriorate into battles of will which can distract both people from their spiritual path for years, or even for life.

Intimate relationships, in particular those involving a commitment of marriage, require a great deal of personal honesty to work torepparttar 131103 highest potential. Since it is difficult for many of us to completely trust another human being, torepparttar 131104 extent that we can allow ourselves to be completely vulnerable,repparttar 131105 relationship becomes a symbol of our relationship to God. I believe thatrepparttar 131106 extent to which we can merge with another is an exact indication ofrepparttar 131107 extent to which we can merge with God. In developing trust, respect, honor, and faith with another human being, we are working out a deeper relationship with Godforce.

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