5 Common Mistakes Every Online Business Owner Should Avoid

Written by Peter Dobler

Copyright 2005 Peter Dobler

Starting an online business is probably one ofrepparttar simplest things to do. You makerepparttar 147416 decision that you want to make some money onrepparttar 147417 internet. You join a few free affiliate programs, maybe a couple of free mlm programs and if you’re really into it, you get your own domain name and web site.

So far your business expenses are peanuts and you can close shop anytime without any regrets. You don’t have a vested interest in your business due torepparttar 147418 lack of a financial commitment. That’s how about 80% ofrepparttar 147419 so called “online business owners” operate. No concept, no plan and no future.

Then there’s another group of “online business owners” who are all fired up about their new Endeavour and nothing can stop them. They do everything they’ve been told by whom ever they listen to and they also spend a considerably amount of money to get their business going. There’s really nothing wrong with this other than that they are too eager and too motivated to get their business offrepparttar 147420 ground. Unfortunately most of them will quite after a few months. Unfortunately this is mostly due to avoidable mistakes.

The third and smallest group arerepparttar 147421 folks who actually made it. Well, let me define “made it” for a moment. I call a business a success if you can make a profit after you paid allrepparttar 147422 expenses and I mean allrepparttar 147423 expenses. Now you can argue if it is worthwhile to put in so much work for not much in return. This is a call that every one of you has to make on your own.

I purposely left outrepparttar 147424 group withrepparttar 147425 guys who are making more money a day than most of us make in a year. First, it is completely unrealistic to assume that you actually will achieverepparttar 147426 same results asrepparttar 147427 “big ones” withrepparttar 147428 limited resources you have. Second, these guys may have started as a one man show, but today they are a corporation with many employees like every other company doing big business onrepparttar 147429 internet.

Back torepparttar 147430 3 groups I mentioned before. Group #1,repparttar 147431 no concept, no plan, no future group, is not even worth mentioning. They are just a waste of time. Group #3,repparttar 147432 guys who ‘made it’, is out o reach atrepparttar 147433 moment. The fact that you’re reading this article puts you intorepparttar 147434 group #2 category. You’re eager to build your business and you’re determined to make it happen. I hope by pointing outrepparttar 147435 pitfalls you will actually avoidrepparttar 147436 mistakes I made and it will bring you a step closer to your ultimate goal. Be your own boss.

Here’s a list of common mistakes every startup online business should avoid.

1. Not Having a Plan

Increase Your Web Traffic By Using Keyword Articles

Written by Timothy Spaulding

Copyright 2005 Timothy Spaulding

If you have an online home based business you know that routing traffic to your web page is incredibly important. Not only in order to make sales and increase revenues but to continue your business. However, you probably have realized that getting your web page noticed and getting a high ranking result fromrepparttar search engines is difficult. In light of that, here are a couple of tips you can use that will help you increaserepparttar 147415 traffic to your web page.

First, you will need to do some research to see where your page ranks in several different search engines. Do this by performing searches onrepparttar 147416 keywords you think are relevant to your web page. Once you have this information, you will be able to take action and become better than your competitors whose pages are being returned as higher relevant results. No matter where you rank inrepparttar 147417 results, if it is less than number one you have some work to do. So, take a look at allrepparttar 147418 web pages that are ranked higher than yours and see what these pages have that yours does not. Evaluating your competition will help your Web page become stronger and more competitive, something that is important to your bottom line.

You need to do this kind of research for allrepparttar 147419 different keywords that pertain most to your Web page and that people search forrepparttar 147420 most often. You want your web page to rank high inrepparttar 147421 results for a number of keywords, so be diligent about researching what other web pages are doing and what you can do to get your page returned higher inrepparttar 147422 results.

One ofrepparttar 147423 best ways to improve your web page ranking for a variety of keywords and phrases is to use keyword rich articles on your web page. This will allow you to provide useful information for web surfers as well as include keywords that will help your page get noticed.

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