5 Common Causes of Your Cat Urinating Outside the Litter Box

Written by Nancy E. Wigal

Have you ever had this happen? You’re a happy cat owner, your kitty is usingrepparttar box just fine, but one day…you come home and find a giant urine spot inrepparttar 149984 living room…the bathroom…heaven forbid – on your bed!

What happened? What went wrong? It isn’t normal for a cat to use her litter box faithfully, then one day decide it’s no longer right for her. There’s always a reason why a cat stops usingrepparttar 149985 litter box.


If this happens to you, don’t panic! The earlier you realize kitty isn’t using her box,repparttar 149986 earlier you can stop this problem cold. By careful investigation, you can figure out what’s going on, and how to get kitty to use her litter box again.

Let’s examine 5 common causes that could affect kitty, andrepparttar 149987 solutions for each.

Medical condition:

Your kitty suddenly stops usingrepparttar 149988 litter box because she’s developed a medical condition. It is most likely crystals in her urine, which form inrepparttar 149989 bladder, and make urination extremely painful. Kitty associatesrepparttar 149990 urination pain with her litter box, so she continually tries to find a spot inrepparttar 149991 house that isn’t painful – to her!

The solution – get kitty torepparttar 149992 vet as quickly as possible. A course of medication can clearrepparttar 149993 crystal problem inrepparttar 149994 short term. A permanent solution is to change your cat’s diet to canned food. Be sure to consult with your vet on large-scale diet changes for your cat.

New house or residence:

You moved to another location. It’s fine by you…but kitty is stressed out byrepparttar 149995 move. A week or two after moving in and unpacking boxes, you start finding “accidents” inrepparttar 149996 new digs.

To solve this problem, you will need to confine your cat to one room, and retrain her to userepparttar 149997 litter box. She’s most likely stressed out byrepparttar 149998 new house or apartment. Set up a room with her food, water, litter box, and toys. Shrink her new world down to a manageable size, and start over with litter training. As she demonstrates her willingness to userepparttar 149999 litter box again, bring her out, under supervision, and watch her. After a week or so, your cat should be better acclimated torepparttar 150000 new residence, and use her litter box again.

Change to a different cat litter brand:

Cats can be fussy creatures. You change to a different brand of litter because it’s cheaper, it hidesrepparttar 150001 smell better, or it’s simply more available. Kitty tells you she hates her new litter byrepparttar 150002 most obvious method – she stops using it! Switch back torepparttar 150003 old brand you were using. Assuming kitty liked that,repparttar 150004 problem should be solved. If not, try Cat Attract brand litter. It has a unique blend of herbs and clay, and it really does solverepparttar 150005 problem for about 98% ofrepparttar 150006 feline population that has a litter box complex.

Amy Dunphy

Written by Dog Training : House Training your dog or puppy

Puppies need to go torepparttar bathroom after they play, chew, drink, eat or sleep. Start by putting them on a leash and tethering them to you. That way you can be aware of them when they start sniffingrepparttar 149983 ground (usually a cuerepparttar 149984 puppy needs to go potty). Pick them up and carry them outside. When they go potty, tell them "good potty" and give a cookie as a reward. Do not let your puppy off leash until they have finished going so they get intorepparttar 149985 habit of going potty, then playing. Many puppies will want to go outside just to play if you let them off leash first.

What if my puppy has an accident? He will. Do not punish your puppy though. If you catch your puppy inrepparttar 149986 act then clap your hands or pick them up - this will make your puppy stop going. Get him outside FAST and let him finish up out there. Reward him for going outside. Clean uprepparttar 149987 mess with petzorb which will removerepparttar 149988 odor completely. Do NOT rub their nose in it, swat them with a newspaper, or isolate your puppy. It will only teach them to not go in front of you.

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