5LINX Poised To Take The World Of MLM To A Whole New Level!

Written by Eric L. Huntley

How do ordinary people get rich andrepparttar rich get richer? Thru Wealth Trends. If you have been followingrepparttar 122504 wealth trends ofrepparttar 122505 last two decades. You would have seen that in 1980s it wasrepparttar 122506 PC Industry. Inrepparttar 122507 mid-1980s it was Long Distance and inrepparttar 122508 1990srepparttar 122509 Internet. Now in this decade 2000srepparttar 122510 wealth trend isrepparttar 122511 Telecommunications Industry.

The opportunity to make you rich thru wireless and local phone services, etc. is here. It is all about timing and positioning. Cellular phone industry revenues alone are topping $86 billion. Can you imagine every time someone purchases a cell phone, wireless accessory or signs up for service, you get paid?

5LINX has partnered withrepparttar 122512 best North American wireless providers: AT&T, Nextel, Cingular, Sprint PCS and Verizon. There are more than 137 million subscribers inrepparttar 122513 U.S. The 1996 Telecom Act (the Deregulation of Local Phone Service) forcedrepparttar 122514 breakup ofrepparttar 122515 Baby Bells and provided an incredible opportunity for 5LINX to offer Z-Tel!

How To Promote the Perfect MLM Program with Safelists

Written by Bob Mobino

It's a statistically verified fact that most entrepreneurs are doomed to fail with Safelists.

You see, most marketers fail to target their ads with scientific precision.

It really doesn't matter how well-crafted your ads are when it comes to promoting products or programs in Safelists... what will *really* makes a difference to profiting from Safelists, is targeting your ads withrepparttar following variables:

=> Target your Ads *according* torepparttar 122503 "psychographic" data of Safelist-Members.

=> Endorse a Program with an Awe-Inspiring Sales Letter! [that'srepparttar 122504 most important part of your promotions.]

=> Periodically, purchase "Premium Sponsorship" to stand-out from your competition and instil more TRUST!

=> Use Safelists that haverepparttar 122505 strictest rules and have a solid record of being in business for at least 7 months.

=> Offer a FREE Bonus that is worth at least $27 in Retail Value (a digital product, software, or script.)

=> Structure your ad to appear legitimate, meaningful and "seductive"!

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