50 Ways to Find Serenity

Written by Maria Marsala

50 Ways to Find Serenity (when serenity isrepparttar last thing on your mind!)

· Ask yourself…"Am I being too hard on myself?" · Ask yourself…"What do I have in my life that I can enjoy at this moment?" · Ask yourself …"How important is it?" · Ask yourself…"What is my gut telling me?" · Ask yourself…"Are my goals or expectations realistic?" · Ask yourself…"Am I considering all my options?" · Ask yourself…"What is it about this situation that I can do something about?" · Ask yourself…"Who in my family or support circle can help me now?" · Ask yourself…"What is it about this situation that I can manage?" · Ask yourself…"What can I change about my attitude?" · Ask yourself…"Do I really want to be doing this?" · Ask yourself…"What needs to be done first?" · Ask supportive family members for support. · Trust that you know what's best for you. · How's your integrity? Are your thoughts, feelings and actions matching? If not, what can you do about it? · Forgive yourself...being angry hurts your soul. · Buy yourself...some flowers or send yourself a card! · Forgive someone...being angry uses lots of energy. · Happiness is...enjoying what you have. · Change negative self-talk into positive affirmations...I am ____________. · Tell someone who cares about you what is bothering you. · Call a friend…to talk or go out for ________________. · Call someone...to let them know that you are thinking about them. · Call someone...Go out to lunch, for coffee or for a walk. · Breath...take 3 deep breaths. Hold it torepparttar 131457 count of 3.

Finding Your Ideal Career (or Business)

Written by Maria Marsala

Want a career (or business) that brings a smile to your heart? Don't know exactly what that career might be? This list of ideas can start you on your way. Makerepparttar process fun by scheduling a visit to your favorite place --repparttar 131455 beach, mountains, whatever -- where you can compile your lists and daydream too!

Seven years ago, I completedrepparttar 131456 process described below by trial and error -- or was it error and error?! I didn't have a non-biased person, such as my coach or a consultant to support and assist me inrepparttar 131457 process. I createdrepparttar 131458 process as I went along. You are much luckier than I was atrepparttar 131459 time! You have this Life Resume and you know where you can go to hire a coach!

Take an assessment test: personality, skills, etc. I have compiled a few lists of free online assessment tests and quizzes for you at www.coachmaria.com/articles.html Also check your local phone book for college career centers, career consultants, or career counselors who offer such tests and many other helpful services too. Online visitrepparttar 131460 coach referral resources located at http://www.coachmaria.com/coaching.html

Start a new type of resume. Listrepparttar 131461 first paying job you had and then start writing allrepparttar 131462 tasks you performed. You will not be graded on your penmanship... promise!

Compose a volunteer resume, same format as listed above - listingrepparttar 131463 positions and tasks you performed.

Create a list of what you volunteered to do when you went to school. What organizations did you belong to? What projects did you volunteer for? If you're a mom and/or wife (dad or husband), add lists for those areas too! You're putting together a "this is your life resume".

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