4 tips to save a bundle on your next new car purchase

Written by Prashant Desai

Many of us have been atrepparttar car dealership and have been drained by a salesperson during price negotiations forrepparttar 141051 purchase of a new car. Most people give in too easily or do not negotiate at all to avoidrepparttar 141052 dreadful act. This only means more money inrepparttar 141053 car dealers’ pocket, while you are out of several thousand dollars! Yes, they make that much in profit per car.

This article unveilsrepparttar 141054 dealer’s selling tactics and how you can get around them. But before we dive intorepparttar 141055 new car buying tips, we need to understand what makes uprepparttar 141056 dealer’s profits.

In addition torepparttar 141057 MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price), which isrepparttar 141058 dealer’s cost forrepparttar 141059 car plus an additional 20-25% profit, a dealer also gets financial incentives fromrepparttar 141060 manufacturer when a new car is sold. This is called Holdback.

Depending onrepparttar 141061 car, dealers can make hundreds on each car through holdbacks. Dealers also get additional incentives and bonuses on selling a car beforerepparttar 141062 end ofrepparttar 141063 month and/or quarter.

A shrewd dealer can make several thousand on a new car even by selling it at invoice price. This is how new car buying can become tricky forrepparttar 141064 consumer.

Ready to learn how not to put a dent in your wallet on your next car purchase? Here are four tips to get you started. Each one is a dealer tactic to watch out for.

1. The Guilt Trip

As you may have noticed, every desk in a dealership has photos ofrepparttar 141065 salesperson’s family, instead of photos of cars. Midway inrepparttar 141066 negotiation,repparttar 141067 sales person will bring them up and make it look like his little commission check can hardly pay for his daughters college and little Bradley’s braces.

A seasoned salesperson will soon have you feeling guilty for drivingrepparttar 141068 price down and hurting his commission. Watch out not to fall for this tactic, since you already know about holdbacks and incentive programs from manufacturers.

2. Wearing You Down

Come prepared to spend half a day atrepparttar 141069 dealership or pay whateverrepparttar 141070 dealer asks for. Car Dealers are trained to delay and tire you out torepparttar 141071 point where you give in and accept their price just to get out of there.

After you make your offer, sales people typically claim they would have to run it by their manager. You may then have to re-start negotiating withrepparttar 141072 manager, who is also a seasoned salesperson. This dance goes on for a while until you give in.

Remember, there are multiple dealerships in a city, so they need you more than you need them. Demand to speak torepparttar 141073 manager after a certain time period or threaten to leave. Because you are devoting a lot of time to bargain withrepparttar 141074 dealer, they know you are a serious buyer, so they will not let you leave. The earlier you can speak withrepparttar 141075 manager,repparttar 141076 faster you can leave.

Mazda Company Beginnings

Written by Mazda Fan

The first Mazda was exported torepparttar United States in 1970, and from that moment on,repparttar 140917 company became committed to providing its customers with impressive vehicles that deliver what they promise – a reliable and secure driving experience. With this continued determination, it is no surprise that Mazda is a leader inrepparttar 140918 car industry today.

Not many people know that Mazda began as a small cork company in Hiroshima, Japan. But in 1931,repparttar 140919 company turned its attention to vehicles, and createdrepparttar 140920 first Mazda three-wheel truck.

However, it wasn’t untilrepparttar 140921 1960’s, that Mazda designedrepparttar 140922 cars that would find their way torepparttar 140923 U.S. By 1970,repparttar 140924 compact truck with a rotary engine – a two and four door version – was exported to America.

Notoriety came quickly, and in 1981,repparttar 140925 Mazda GLC was namerepparttar 140926 “Japanese Car ofrepparttar 140927 Year.” Another major recognition followed in 1986, whenrepparttar 140928 Mazda RX-7 was noted to berepparttar 140929 “Import Car ofrepparttar 140930 Year.” What’s more,repparttar 140931 RX-7 delighted its fans by setting a speed record at a Bonneville National Speed Trial – 238.442 miles per hour.

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