4 Ways to build your online credibility

Written by Sid John

One ofrepparttar biggest problems for new sites is not only to how to build up their web traffic, but also how to make their site credible once people actually start showing up. There are many simple and usually free ways that you can use to show that your site is here to be a resource to online customers.

1. Create lots of keyword rich content.

The more information on your site,repparttar 147562 better. You might not make a sale fromrepparttar 147563 first visit, but if you establish your site as an information resource,repparttar 147564 search engines will visit more often and your web visitors will also return more often. Over time, you will build up a steady momentum where your new content is indexed regularly byrepparttar 147565 major search engines and you are bringing in new and unique customers on a regular basis.

2. If you are selling your own product, make sure that your customers can get in touch with you.

If you want to add a real personal touch, move beyond email and offer telephone support. You can set uprepparttar 147566 parameters and only accept calls during business hours, or you can use a system where customers will leave you a message and then return their calls later.

There’s also free instant messenger. If you are online throughoutrepparttar 147567 day, let your customers know and they can contact you for free via Yahoo, MSN or AOL instant messenger. They’re all free so you can even get a copy of all three and log in when you are available for live help.

How to get traffic

Written by Bright Johnson

The future of online business rest in one word: traffic. No matter how great or sophisticated your website is, if nobody comes, your online business will fail.

To setup an online business and not get sales is a travesty. There is a lot of money to be made online. “Can you generaterepparttar hits to your site?” isrepparttar 147448 question entrepreneurs are asking and trying to answer.

Great Internet business come from everywhere: boardrooms or basements but it must be supported by loads of hits. Online is no difference from offline—it is all about customers hence you need a competitive advantage to succeed.

How does one become competitive? You need a position. This position is calledrepparttar 147449 Unique Selling Proposition. It meansrepparttar 147450 one thing your website stands for. It isrepparttar 147451 difference notrepparttar 147452 similarities with other websites.

Coca-Cola is known forrepparttar 147453 cola business. So, years ago, when it’s competitor Seven-up wants to advertise and promote itself, they called themselves “the uncola” and it immediately gave them positioning. Seven-up simply said, “Hey, we are not cola. We arerepparttar 147454 uncola.”

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