Written by Bob Leduc

Can you rememberrepparttar last dozen advertising messages beamed at you today? Can you remember even one of them? Most people can't.

This illustratesrepparttar 100993 biggest obstacle you need to overcome to successfully promote YOUR product or service. You must capture your prospect's attention inrepparttar 100994 first few seconds or your sales message will be ignored. This is especially important onrepparttar 100995 Internet where a visitor can simply click away from your website -- forever.

Here are 4 proven techniques you can use to quickly capture a prospect's attention. They apply to all media including repparttar 100996 Internet.


Did you ever write a headline for an ad, web page or other sales message? You probably used a dramatic statement. It's repparttar 100997 most obvious way to get someone's attention. For example:

"Lose 8 Pounds In The Next 2 Weeks Without Dieting" "My Doctor Uses These Nutritional Products" "Double Your Sales And Reduce Your Advertising Expenses

TIP: Your dramatic statement will be most effective when it describes a major benefit for your prospect.


Unexpected surprises always attract attention. It's often negative attention caused by something going wrong. But you can also use an unexpected surprise to attract positive attention. It happened to me last week.

The office supply company I use sent me a letter announcing an automatic $50 deduction off my total bill for this month. I immediately placed an order for items I wasn't planning to buy for another month or two. I even stocked up on several items I normally buy elsewhere. Their unexpected surprise got my attention and generated a large order during a month I hadn't planned to order anything.


I once saw a direct mail letter that began withrepparttar 100998 question, "If you're such a smart executive why aren't you making a six figure income?" Not many executives could resist reading that letter, especially if they weren't making a six figure income.

Not Sure If Your Online Advertisement is Working? Be Sure! - Track Your Ads

Written by Karen Fegarty

Without tracking, your online advertising is just a shot inrepparttar dark. Many new and seasoned marketing individuals spend significant dollars on banner advertisements, ezine ads, and other online media, but do not know which ads have brought themrepparttar 100992 greatest success.

The following is a list of online advertising methods that you may or may not be using. It is important to track all of your online advertisement. This isrepparttar 100993 only way to determine which method works best for you and where you should spend your hard earned dollars.

Site links Articles Ezine advertisement Banner ads Signatures Tag Forum postings Email marketing promotions FFA postings Free Classified listings Paid Classified listings Surveys Auto responder Pay-per-click listing Reciprocal link

How do you track your advertising? There are basically two ways of tracking your advertising; sign up for a service or purchase ad tracking software to install on your server.:

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