4 Tips for Writing Successful Swipe Copy

Written by Bruce Carlson

2005 by Bruce Carlson

Master copywriter and marketer Dan Kennedy, in his highly popular and successful copywriting seminars, likes to tell his students that "sometimes good enough is good enough" when it comes to a piece of sales copy.

What does Dan mean by this?

Simply put, you don't need to reinventrepparttar wheel in order to write successful copy. What has worked inrepparttar 135371 past can and will work again.

Learning to effectively "swipe" from winning sales letters is one ofrepparttar 135372 most important skills you can develop as a copywriter. And, contrary to what you may sometimes hear, there is nothing "unethical" or "sleazy" about it. Every great copywriter employs swipe techniques to some extent.

The key to writing good swipe copy is awareness. By keeping focused on a few key areas you'll quickly develop a sense of what can work for you and your market.

Here are a few tips for writing swipe copy that works.

1) Be onrepparttar 135373 lookout for parallel markets

Parallel markets to your own niche offer great opportunities to borrow elements for your own purposes.

For example, let's say you're writing a piece for a website that sells dog toys.

Your first possibility for a parallel market would be any website that sells pet toys (other than dog toys). You'd also want to look at sites that sell children's toys (although I certainly don't want to imply that dogs and children have a lot in common!) :-)

After this you could stray further afield and look at sites that sell other pet accessories. Keep in mind that you are looking for successful sales elements that might work for you. Anything and everything that looks like it could work for your own campaign needs to be taken into consideration, as long as it's been proven successful. Parallel niches offer a golden opportunity because of their similarities to your own niche.

How do you determine if a parallel niche site is successful?

Use Alexa to see what kind of traffic they get. Search aroundrepparttar 135374 Web a bit and see how often their name pops up. More than anything though, just use your marketing instincts to sniff outrepparttar 135375 quality of what they're doing in terms of direct response.

If you think they may be doing OK then sign up for their newsletter or f.ree report or autoresponder series. Study their marketing diligently.

If you get even one idea for your copy from a parallel marketer then you've done well.

Occasionally marketers hitrepparttar 135376 jackpot and find a full letter that fits their market's purposes torepparttar 135377 tee (with a few alterations needed here and there). But more often it's an approach or an element ofrepparttar 135378 sales letter that proves useful.

2) Know your target market's level of awareness

As you know, you need to be on a very intimate level with your market. You need to know their wants and needs inside out.

For freelance copywriters this can be a particularly troublesome area, because freelancers often have difficulty just jumping intorepparttar 135379 prospects' shoes atrepparttar 135380 drop of a hat. Thus many freelancers choose to specialize in a few select niches whose target markets they do have a good understanding of and/or can learn about without an inordinate amount of work.

But beyond a good working knowledge of your market's wants and needs there's also a knowledge of its level of awareness or sophistication.

You'll want to determine how much knowledge your prospects have of techniques used standardly in sales copy which targets them. With our dog toys example, repparttar 135381 online market's level of awareness would be fairly low. New ads for this market could be brought in from other parallel areas without much fuss.

But with a market like online marketers, for instance,repparttar 135382 level of awareness would be quite a bit higher. Copy aimed at this audience needs to take that higher level into consideration and not makerepparttar 135383 mistake of using worn-out copy fromrepparttar 135384 past that every marketer has seen a million times.

Over timerepparttar 135385 market's level of awareness will increase (and withrepparttar 135386 Internet we find that online shoppers' levels of awareness in general are increasing, thus making some ofrepparttar 135387 techniques seen even a few years ago less effective). And so you need to stay in tune with what's going on inrepparttar 135388 whole marketing arena for your product or service.

After all is said and done, testing and tracking will show what's working however. And in some cases marketers are genuinely surprised at how much higher their market's level of awareness is than they had imagined.

10 Things to Expect from Your SEO Copywriter

Written by Glenn Murray

Fromrepparttar perspective of a business owner, webmaster, or marketing manager,repparttar 134926 change exhibited byrepparttar 134927 Internet is profoundly exciting, yet profoundly disturbing. The information (and misinformation and disinformation) it offers,repparttar 134928 business benefits it promises, andrepparttar 134929 rules it is governed by change at such a rapid rate that it’s almost impossible to keep up.

These changes have led to a growing appreciation of repparttar 134930 value of quality web copy. This appreciation has, in turn, led to an influx of opportunistic ‘copywriters’ promoting themselves as website copywriters or SEO copywriters. Don’t get me wrong, there are quite a few excellent SEO copywriters out there, and you should definitely shop around. The purpose of this article isn’t to scare you; it’s to help you findrepparttar 134931 SEO copywriter who’ll deliver honest service and excellent results.

So with that in mind, take a look atrepparttar 134932 following ten tips. These arerepparttar 134933 things you have a right to expect from anyone wearing a name badge that reads “website copywriter”, “SEO copywriter”, “internet copywriter”, or “web copywriter”… (See also 10 Things to Expect From Your Website Copywriter and How to Makerepparttar 134934 Most of Your Website Copywriter.)

1) An understanding of SEO

Obviously, your SEO copywriter must have a solid understanding ofrepparttar 134935 essentials of Search Engine Optimization. They must know that ranking is essentiallyrepparttar 134936 result of a website’s relevance (i.e. keywords) and importance (i.e. inbound links). There are a whole lot of other factors involved, but if your SEO copywriter doesn’t understand these two basics, you should look elsewhere. If you’d like to ensure your SEO copywriter knows a little more than justrepparttar 134937 basics, take a look at SEO for CEOs, Writing SEO Copy, SEO Trade Secrets, Web Copy - How Much is Enough?, and How to Top Google by Writing Articles for some clues as to what you might like to ask in order to assess their knowledge.

2) Proven experience

The proof is, as they say, inrepparttar 134938 pudding. It’s not enough that your SEO copywriter can talkrepparttar 134939 talk; they must also be able to walkrepparttar 134940 walk. Ask to see some examples of websites for which they’ve obtained some good rankings. Note that it may be very difficult to find an SEO copywriter who has actually worked on both keywords and link generation, so if you find one who has, and they write well, snap ‘em up! They’ll have a very broad and useful working knowledge of search engines.

3) An understanding of how many keywords to use

You don’t want to fill every page up with every keyword you’re targeting. This simply dilutes your site’s relevance and reduces readability. Ask your SEO copywriter how many keywords they would recommend targeting on each page. Hopefully they’ll suggest no more than 3, preferably 2. By targeting 2 keyword phrases per page, you can use them a lot without impacting readability.

4) Clear agreement on who will provide keywords

Someone needs to perform a keyword analysis in order to figure out what words you should be trying to rank highly for. Your SEO copywriter should be able to do this for you, but it’s quite often more cost-effective if someone a little closer torepparttar 134941 business does it. Either way, make sure your agreement with your SEO copywriter makes it very clear who is performing this task. Don’t assumerepparttar 134942 SEO copywriter is going to do it, because they may assume you’re going to do it, and then you’ll blow your budget.

5) Keywords or keyword phrases

Expect your SEO copywriter to offer some advice regarding how specific you should be with your keywords. In most industries,repparttar 134943 competition for keywords is so fierce that you’ll be forced to target very specific keywords in order to rank – at least atrepparttar 134944 outset. For instance, if you’re in IT, you probably wouldn’t start out by targetingrepparttar 134945 keyword “IT”. The competition is immense (atrepparttar 134946 time of writing, there were approx 3,240,000,000 results for this search in Google.com) andrepparttar 134947 IT giants already dominaterepparttar 134948 search engines for this keyword. Instead, try using a more specific keyword phrase like “IT infrastructure consulting new york” (atrepparttar 134949 time of writing, there were only around 4,000,000 results for this search in Google.com). The other benefit to targeting more specific keyword phrases is that you’ll generate more relevant leads.

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