4 Tips for Keeping a Team Motivated

Written by Kara Kelso

Companies often have incentives for reps, but sometimes that isn't enough. To keep your team motivated, you could do a number of things:

1. Hold your own personal incentive for your team This could be something as simple as a a gift certificate forrepparttar one who sellsrepparttar 105668 most in a month.

2. Set up a message board just for your personal team A great way to keep in contact with everyone. Many wahm boards already have a section for your company, so if you don't haverepparttar 105669 time to set up your own you could use a specific board for your team.

3. Send out a monthly newsletter to your team Keep it personal and let them know how you are doing....motivate them by explaining some ofrepparttar 105670 ways you have advanced duringrepparttar 105671 month.

Becoming A Talent Scout vs. A Recruiter

Written by Sue Seward

After being in this industry for over 12 years I've learned a lot about people and about myself.

One ofrepparttar most important things that has happened for me is self development. Folks this ISrepparttar 105667 ONE thing that HAS to happen before you will become successful in anything you attempt to do.

You must first build yourself and your own talents! When this happens you all of a sudden develop posture.

What is posture?

It's when you have so much confidence in yourself and what you're doing that you begin to look for talented people to join with you in your business and you're not afraid to talk torepparttar 105668 most successful and talented people you run into. You become a talent scout vs. a recruiter. When I first started out in this business I was a recruiter. Everyone I saw or ran into was a prospect. No matter who they were or what sort of attitude they had I was determined to RECRUIT every single person that I saw or talked to.

Well folks this was a disaster but it was a very good learning experience for me. That was over 12 years ago. I've certainly come a long way since! Overrepparttar 105669 last five years I've learned a great deal about business and about how to do this business and what it takes to really become successful and it's not just about who'srepparttar 105670 best recruiter believe me! Even those that are recruiting machines may be successful for a little while up front and then it fizzles out.


Well, because they just recruit anyone they ran into. They talk and persuade people into joining with them.....even when these people don't really want to. In other words they say yes when they really mean no.

The recruiter is just a shark and people are afraid to say no to them. Most times people say yes just to getrepparttar 105671 recruiter off their back! So what happens? The majority of people usually end up quitting because they didn't have what it takes to succeed in this business inrepparttar 105672 first place. Most timesrepparttar 105673 recruiter doesn't stick around long enough to train them or show them how to dorepparttar 105674 business. He or she is to busy recruiting their next victim.

The recruiter usually doesn't takerepparttar 105675 time to actually get to know a person or even ask them what they are interested in or what their goals are or what sort of talents they even have. All they want isrepparttar 105676 sign up. The thrill ofrepparttar 105677 sign up is a rush for them. Most recruiters are usually not very good trainers or leaders.....they just don't have time to train because they're so busy recruiting.

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