4 Strategies for Protecting Your Online Business

Written by Amar Mehta

4 Strategies for Protecting Your Online Business

I was sure this will happen. After all "There is fun in taking challenge whenrepparttar stakes are high!".

You will be wondering what am I talking about, yes, I am talking aboutrepparttar 125532 Online Info product business which isrepparttar 125533 biggest business online. Information products are selling really hot online for prices ranging from $9-$900 and with this there are attempts to breakrepparttar 125534 system and get these product for FREE!

Following, I have outlined 4 strategies that you can use to protect your Online Business from theft.

1) Order Page:

You will think "Why on earth should I be concerned about order page?". Yes, you are correct to some extent, this is THE page which is very crucial and decision making for your sale and you will try to lurerepparttar 125535 user to order your product, won't you?

But, here isrepparttar 125536 main concern area, if you are offering PayPal asrepparttar 125537 Payment option then we have to be careful forrepparttar 125538 order page. PayPal is really great payment option, because it costs no service charge torepparttar 125539 customer and it is very low charge to yourepparttar 125540 merchant, butrepparttar 125541 only problem is that you have to giverepparttar 125542 return URL i.e. download page location inrepparttar 125543 order form itself. So, anyone who knows how to viewrepparttar 125544 source of page will be able to seerepparttar 125545 download page and will go straight their without paying!

Don't worry there is solution available for this, there are several HTML Encryptors available for this which will scramblerepparttar 125546 code of your Paypal code, so, those prying eyes will get to see only scrambled characters and will have to work hard (pull their hair!) to decipherrepparttar 125547 path of your download page. I know of one free software which does this, go to: http://www.snazzypromotions.com/software/paypalfree/index.html

2) Download Page:

This is THE page where your customers will be directed after they completerepparttar 125548 purchase process, for downloadingrepparttar 125549 product they paid you for.

Your download page should never have following names: download.html thankyou.html thanks.html

Don't keep .htm byrepparttar 125550 same names either. These page names are too predictable and arerepparttar 125551 first ones to be tried by novice hackers. So, you should give some creative name related to your product which some ordinary hacker can not even think of. e.g. If you are selling ebook related to Online Marketing, consider keeping something like onmkt.html or you may consider adding numbers also to have added security e.g. onmkt03.html etc. Just be creative.

FHM: Who's cheating who?

Written by Holmes

With it recently coming torepparttar attention ofrepparttar 125531 staff at FHM that some of its readers were trying to fiddle a poll to findrepparttar 125532 world’s 100 sexiest women, there comes a time when you really have to question howrepparttar 125533 likes of FHM are still going.

At their peak, lad’s mags were refreshing; they cut through magazine culture. There was a surge of irreverence and hedonism. Of these magazines, Loaded arguably enjoyed centre stage.

Loaded wasrepparttar 125534 brainchild of James Brown, who wisely jumped ship asrepparttar 125535 nineties progressed and lad’s mags became as insipid as their competition – these magazines were becoming stale. Nothing short of bloated ego vehicles for what had by that time become a hackneyed journalistic movement.

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