4 Simple Steps To Search Engine Optimization

Written by Lee Weaver

What is search engine optimization? Well, just what it sounds like, it'srepparttar process of optimizing your website for search engines. There are thousands of companies out there that "specialize" in SEO. For a fee (usually a LOT) they will optimize your website for you. If you're paying one of these companies, you're throwing away money! Don't believe me? Go to your favorite search engine and search for "firefighter". Why firefighter? Because that isrepparttar 127900 one keyword that we feel is most important to this website, American-Firefighter.com Go ahead, search. Here, we'll make it easy for you:

Click here to search Google for "firefighter". Click here to search Yahoo for "firefighter". Click here to search MSN for "firefighter". Click here to search Lycos for "firefighter". Click here to search HotBot for "firefighter".

(we'd link to Overture, but you'd have to scroll through 30 something "sponsored listings" before you get anywhere!)

What do you think of our search rankings? We think they're pretty good. How much did we pay to get these listings? NOTHING! Wondering how we do it? The SEO companies don't want you to know, but it's SO SIMPLE we just have to tell you!

STEP 1: CHOOSE your keyword(s)

Seems obvious, but a lot of people seem to overlook this. Choose keywords that are most relevant to your website. If your website is a content site, target keywords that relate to your targeted audience. This website targets firefighters, so firefighter was a logical keyword to target. If your target visitors are bus drivers, then bus driver would be a good keyword? Get it? If your site is commercial in nature, then your keywords should match what you are selling. If you sell toothpaste, toothpaste would be a good keyword. You don't need an SEO company to tell you this.

STEP 2: USE your keyword(s)

Our keyword is firefighter, andrepparttar 127901 word firefighter is used many times on virtually every page of this website (even this one!). If your keywords are bus drivers, and bus drivers is nowhere to be seen on your website, something is wrong. If you sell toothpaste andrepparttar 127902 word toothpaste doesn't appear on your website, someting is wrong. Again, you don't need an SEO company to tell you this.

Search Engine Optimization: What Is It?

Written by Stephen Warren

Search Engine Optimization isrepparttar creation of a web page, purposely designed to rank well withrepparttar 127899 Search Engines.

If you want traffic to your website then you must Optimize your website forrepparttar 127900 Search Engines.

Search Engine Optimization is a necessity if you want a huge amount of traffic flowing to your website.

Traffic fromrepparttar 127901 Search Engines is one ofrepparttar 127902 best (And most abundant) forms of traffic. Most people use Search Engines to find what they are looking for. I do and I bet you do too.

You simply cannot afford to pass this up. If you do, then your competitors will be way ahead of you, taking customers which you could have had.

However, if you are going to undertake Search Engine Optimization I STRONGLY recommend that you do some extensive research before you start trying to createrepparttar 127903 "perfect" page forrepparttar 127904 Search Engines.

If you don't do enough research then you will find bits of Optimization information, but will it be correct or will it heavily penalize your website, or even completely ban it? If you end up doingrepparttar 127905 wrong thing, this is what can happen.

Examples of bad Optimization techniques:

Previously many of these probably worked. Howeverrepparttar 127906 Search Engines are now actively looking for websites who may be implementing some of these techniques and penalizing them accordingly.

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