4 Secrets of Publishing Your Own Newsletter

Written by JC Anderl

Publishing a newsletter is definitely an effective way to keep in contact with your customers, but to get tremendous results, you need to do itrepparttar right way.

Secret 1 - HTML or Text? 

Many publishers have a difficult time deciding whether to publish their newsletter in HTML or text. The reason for this conflict is because there are many surfers who prefer HTML based emails, but there are also a large number who either can't accept HTML email, or really prefer text emails.

Instead of picking one, why not both? Give new subscribersrepparttar 117511 option to have either one. It is very easy to convert an HTML email to plain text. Just copyrepparttar 117512 text into Notepad, and then into your email. Now you have effectively solvedrepparttar 117513 problem of choosing one orrepparttar 117514 other.

Secret 2 - Subject Line

In a regular email,repparttar 117515 subject line usually informsrepparttar 117516 reader of whatrepparttar 117517 email is about. With newsletters, you want to inform readers, but you also want to engage and interest them. Many Internet users have a lot of messages coming into their mailbox, you want your message to catch their attention before it hitsrepparttar 117518 trash. Evenrepparttar 117519 most incredible newsletter won't be noticed if it never gets read.

Easy Motivation Basics

Written by JC Anderl

Keeping yourself motivated to succeed is one ofrepparttar most important yet overlooked aspects of any business, online businesses included. It can be difficult at times, but success is highly dependent on how much you want it.

Of course everyone wants success, but it isn't that easy when it comes time to work, and an online business requires just as much work as an offline business.


An important aspect of keeping yourself going isrepparttar 117510 ability to see exactly what you want. The tricky part here is that you need a focused image of what you want to achieve. It is easy to say that you want to make $1000 a month, but to actually visualizerepparttar 117511 different aspects of your business that will work together to achieve that is more difficult. Written plans of your business can help you visualize what you need.


Setting goals may be an over talked about, but they are under used. There is a reason that so many people preachrepparttar 117512 importance of goal setting - it works! Goal setting helps me to stay focused. I might make a short term goal of say, "write three great articles." I won't allow myself to do anything else until that job is completed. Otherwise I find myself working on a half a dozen projects and getting them all partially completed.

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