"4 Parallel-Logic Templates That Make Your Sales Letters & Ads More Enticing"

Written by Mike Jezek

Pay attention forrepparttar next few moments as I'll reveal 4 tricks ofrepparttar 127281 trade that'll make your sales letters and ads more enticing. These 4 effective tricks are found inrepparttar 127282 art and science of persuasion. Called Parallel - Logic phrases, they can definitely give your copy a more magnetic appeal. As you use these phrases you'll begin to notice your sales letters and ads taking on a new level of believability and effectiveness. What is a Parallel Logic phrase? Quite simply, a Parallel Logic phrase is a sentence that takes an unproven claim and ties it to a known fact. The following are 4 types of Parallel -Logic templates along with examples of how to use them. "Just as... So does... " Example: Just as Penicillin wasrepparttar 127283 breakthrough ofrepparttar 127284 century, so too will 'X' becomerepparttar 127285 latest breakthrough in fighting sickness and disease. Example: Just as Ted Hikes achieved an incredible profit of $45,000 in 90 days, using these investment strategies you'll also haverepparttar 127286 potential to see incredible results like Ted's. "If you... Then you'll... " Example: If you love watching war documentaries, then I know you'll love

Easy Steps To Easy Sales

Written by Polly Hummingbird

Becoming familiar with allrepparttar possible ways to market a product or service online is halfrepparttar 127280 battle of running a successful e-business.

The other half ofrepparttar 127281 battle is discoveringrepparttar 127282 steps you can do that will lead to an online sale.

There are limitless possibilities on how to make a sale happen, beginning withrepparttar 127283 initial awareness to an actual purchase.

This isrepparttar 127284 fun and inventive part of online marketing. It is important to realize thatrepparttar 127285 steps you lay out for an online sale can be just as ingenious asrepparttar 127286 method of advertising itself.

To help you better understand what an online sales process is, considerrepparttar 127287 activity of "linking" from site to site and allrepparttar 127288 discoveries you can make alongrepparttar 127289 way.

The steps leading to an online sale isrepparttar 127290 "linking" portion of online marketing.

Most people just let this part take it's own course, waiting forrepparttar 127291 orders to come in. But a smart e-business entrepreneur will shape and controlrepparttar 127292 steps to an online sale to encourage more business.

As a way of demonstrating, I will show you a plausible example. But, remember, this is just one of possibly "hundreds" of online sale processes that can be developed.


Step 1 - Set Up An Internet Resource

The sites that receiverepparttar 127293 most amount of traffic are usually "Internet resources". If you create your own site of a useful resource, you too can encourage a large volume of site visitors. On your Internet resource site, you can advertise your products or services free.

If you are smart, you will post a notice onrepparttar 127294 site saying who "hosts" it. Include this in your ad copy as well, so that visitors know your products come fromrepparttar 127295 same person who createdrepparttar 127296 resource site. A good reputation can go a long way.

You can also list your Internet resource in search engines, directories, and through reciprocal linking.

Step 2 - Send Out A Press Release

A press release is more likely to be published if it relates to a general Internet resource than if it is for a private site only.

Step 3 - Public Announcements

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