4 Brilliant Tips to Speed Read Faster than Ever

Written by Michael Lee

Many people, particularly students, would love to be able to absorb information faster. But before retaining information, they have to go throughrepparttar first stage of learning, which is reading.

For many individuals who are pressed for time, speed reading has become a necessity. However, it's not justrepparttar 150054 reading part that is important. Equally essential is forrepparttar 150055 reader to fully understandrepparttar 150056 words coming out fromrepparttar 150057 book or paper.

Here are some great tips to read and comprehend faster.

1) Relax.

If you're inrepparttar 150058 stressed mode, it would be much more difficult to concentrate; hence, it would just be a lot harder forrepparttar 150059 information to sink in.

2) Know what you want.

Focus onrepparttar 150060 areas that you really need to learn. Some people read all parts of a book, when all they need to know is a specific chapter.

Know your priority. If you need to find out about a certain subject, go torepparttar 150061 Table of Contents and search forrepparttar 150062 heading that best suits your need. If you need to learn more, then adjust accordingly. The important thing is to weed outrepparttar 150063 stuffs that you don't currently need.

3) Get rid ofrepparttar 150064 structure words.

Did you know that around 60% ofrepparttar 150065 words we read are structure words? Examples arerepparttar 150066 words "the, or, and." They are essential inrepparttar 150067 structure ofrepparttar 150068 sentences; but when you ignore them, they basically meanrepparttar 150069 same thing. They only serve to beautify, yet you can understand what you are reading even without them. Try not to focus too much attention on structure words.

The Power of Notes

Written by Roger Carr

Notes are very powerful. They express your thanks, encouragement, sympathy, apology, congratulations, feelings, and requests to others.

Many people create notes on a computer and print them or send them throughrepparttar Internet. However, I believerepparttar 150018 most effective notes are handwritten. A handwritten note is personal and rare. Due to this, it will be given more attention byrepparttar 150019 reader and have maximum impact.

A few weeks ago I was in Michigan for my dad's funeral. While there I attended my mom's church on Sunday and met her pastor forrepparttar 150020 second time. While talking to him, I learned that his mother died a few months ago and his dad was critically ill. On my way home to Virginia, I had a stop at Chicago O'Hare Airport. While waiting for my connecting flight, I pulled out a box of note cards and wrote several notes and mailed them. One of those was an encouraging note to my mom's pastor. I found out later that he was so touched byrepparttar 150021 note that he took it to his church and read it at a meeting. He made it clear to those in attendance how much of an encouragement it was to him. What I didn't know when I wroterepparttar 150022 note was that duringrepparttar 150023 following week not only did his dad pass away but his wife was diagnosed with cancer. I believe God used my note to help him during a very difficult time in his life. I also wonder how many others he talked to were changed because of that note. Maybe some of them are now writing notes as well. What if I hadn't written that note?

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