Written by Jinky C. Mesias

So just what is 4 color printing? 4color printing is a process wherein it make used of 4 screens and 4 inks in order to reproducerepparttar color ofrepparttar 148714 original image. 4color printing is also referred to as process printing and it is considered to berepparttar 148715 best in full color printing.

4color printing has somewhat revolutionizedrepparttar 148716 printing industry since it has made color jobs easy and affordable. Aside from that,repparttar 148717 images printed by means of 4color printing really stands out while its stunning colors providerepparttar 148718 copy withrepparttar 148719 touch it needs to equalrepparttar 148720 quality ofrepparttar 148721 original image. 4color printing can make any stale document come to life at a cost that won’t breakrepparttar 148722 bank. Likewise, 4 color printing is best when used in business cards since it can really impressed clients. The colors are simply awesome, guarantees that your business cards won’t be put in trash. 4color printing assures you that your business cards will reflect an exemplifying image of you and your business. Clients are sure to call you since you have successfully grabbed their attention. Another advantage is that you won’t need to provide them with souvenirs since your business card is enough to function as your souvenir. And of course with client calling yourepparttar 148723 possibility of closing a deal is not farfetched. With sales comes business growth. By using 4color printing your business is assured of a market share.

Nostalgic Flashback Of The 1950s Era

Written by Barbara Wangelid

Since I grew up inrepparttar 1950's it is fun for me to reflect on some ofrepparttar 148381 nifty things during that era.

Drive In Theatres Known then asrepparttar 148382 "passion pit", Drive In Theatres bring back many happy memories! My birthday being in July wasrepparttar 148383 prime season for Drive In movies. I would invite all my friends over to celebrate my birthday complete with my mother's homemade barbeque sandwiches which was my favorite.She would make it from sliced rump roast and then layrepparttar 148384 meat in an electric skillet smothered in barbeque sauce. Just before dark we would all pile into a car and head forrepparttar 148385 drive In. I still rememberrepparttar 148386 intermission jingle "Let's all go torepparttar 148387 lobby" withrepparttar 148388 hot dog, soda drink and popcorn dancing acrossrepparttar 148389 screen. The Drive In wasrepparttar 148390 favorite place to go on a date andrepparttar 148391 afterrepparttar 148392 show we would go torepparttar 148393 Steak n Shake for a hamburger and fries. At that time you stayed in your car and your food was brought to you. A tray holder was placed onrepparttar 148394 drivers side window to holdrepparttar 148395 food. It was just brought to my attention from my teenage grandchildren that "going steady" is no longer used. I asked them what do you call it now? They replied just "going out". Makes no sense to me, but that is how times change. Back inrepparttar 148396 50's and 60's when you were "going steady",repparttar 148397 girl would be given her boyfriends ring to wear. Because they were always too big to fit, we would wraprepparttar 148398 back with white bandage tape and then cover that with fuzzy angora yarn in different colors.. way too cool! The only place you could buyrepparttar 148399 angora in my town was a department store downtown and I can still remember that they did not have cash registers atrepparttar 148400 counters, but insteadrepparttar 148401 clerk would send your money through a vacuum tube that led upstairs torepparttar 148402 cashiers office. It was much likerepparttar 148403 drive in banking tube that is used today.

Rock n Roll The summer of 1955 with Bill Haley's song "Rock Aroundrepparttar 148404 Clock" changedrepparttar 148405 music we listened to forever. I was hooked. Then came Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, andrepparttar 148406 rest is history. Every Saturday I would walk downtown to Lindstrom's Record store and listen torepparttar 148407 latest hits and always come home with at least one new 45. In my bedroom next to my bed was my radio that I would listen to every night just to hearrepparttar 148408 newest songs. Radio at that time was AM only and at night with less interference inrepparttar 148409 airwaves I could pick up a station from Little Rock which was about 600 miles from where I lived. The commercial that I will never forget was for White Rose Petroleum Jelly. I was so excitedrepparttar 148410 night I heardrepparttar 148411 song "Sea Cruise" that I ran down to Lindstrom's to buy it only to find out that it wasn't available yet. My parents did not like Rock n Roll and would say it sounds like noise. They did however "put up" with it and allowed me to play my record player as loud as it would go which was not very loud when compared to today's stereos. Now we have a stereo inrepparttar 148412 living room, a portable stereo inrepparttar 148413 garage complete with subwoofer, subwoofers on our computers and a subwoofer inrepparttar 148414 car. My love for music has stayed with me andrepparttar 148415 music andrepparttar 148416 equipment to play it with just keeps getting better.

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