3 Ways to squeeze even more revenue out of your Traffic Equaliser Pages

Written by Jason Hulott

Ever wondered if, apart from Google Adsense, there were other ways of generating real revenues from Traffic Equaliser pages.

There has been some great results usingrepparttar above two programs, running Google Adsense results on page as a fast way to drive revenues on a huge number of boiler plate pages. You can literally build a 1,000 page site in minutes. If you haven't heard of Traffic Equalizer then check it out here ==>> www.TrafficEqualizer.com

A Force Multiplier Effect is a military term for attackingrepparttar 149730 enemy in more that one way, if fact in multiple ways. We are going to take this strategy and apply it to affiliate marketing using Traffic Equalizer.

The first thing to remember isrepparttar 149731 user is NOTrepparttar 149732 Enemy! In fact, this scenario, you don't have any enemies!


What would happen if you stop gettingrepparttar 149733 click throughs or even worse, Google pulls downrepparttar 149734 site. Remember Google Adsense is not to be used on pages built specifically for Google Adsense.

I hope that made sense!

How do you stop Google from pulling your Traffic Equalizer site?

Well one thing is to make it more useful torepparttar 149735 end user. Include other content that is useful and adds value torepparttar 149736 user experience.

Think about it.

If a user sees a page of traffic equaliser results and google ads that really isn't going to last long. But what if you have other specific niche information and tools forrepparttar 149737 user.

What about Ebay auction results? What about Amazon Book Listings? what about other Affiliate Feeds?

Can you imagine how much more alive your pages would be if they didn't just have directory or article content but had:

Up torepparttar 149738 minute Ebay auctions on related products Up torepparttar 149739 minute Amazon Book listings Affiliate Product links on related items

oh and Google Adsense....

Not only that but you can earn income from EVERY single piece of content.

So lets look at how on each one ofrepparttar 149740 above.


Sign up torepparttar 149741 Ebay Affiliate Program using Commission Junction. Visit affiliates.ebay.com for more details.

You will get paid for every signup to Ebay and also paid on each bid they make. Userepparttar 149742 Product or Editor Toolkits to create a skyscraper ad or a banner ad to fit within your Traffic / Article Equaliser template. Userepparttar 149743 [keyword] function asrepparttar 149744 search criteria. Or userepparttar 149745 Commission Junction search link tool to create a templated results banner or table to use on your Traffic Equalizer template.

The piece of code to change inrepparttar 149746 example below isrepparttar 149747 query=ford

Affiliate Marketing Nightmare - Don't Let This Happen To You!

Written by Chris Ellington

Everyone knows that affiliates can make or break a company's success rate. Ken Evoy has a whole army of people motivated to earn click-through commissions on his Site Sell program. Marlon Sanders and Yanik Silver have made fortunes with (and for) their affiliates.

"If you've got an e-commerce website," I was frequently told by my internet savvy friends, "you have GOT to have an affiliate program." I took that to heart. "Ok!" I said, and when I created www.ArticleMarketer.com, I made sure that I developed a compelling offer for affiliates.

So what'srepparttar nightmare? Here I had createdrepparttar 149729 perfect program for affiliates and what kind of results was I getting? None. Nada. Zilch. A big fat zero. There was no lineup of affiliates banging atrepparttar 149730 door.

Has this happened to you? Is your affiliate program going nowhere? Here isrepparttar 149731 step-by-step analysis of what makes an affiliate program take off, and how my results were impacted by each one.

Offer a good deal make it worth their while Affiliates will not promote your product because it "feels good". An emotional payoff might be sufficient for non-profit organizations or political campaigns, but that's not enough inrepparttar 149732 cold, hard world of e-commerce. Affiliates are looking for products and services that quickly convert to sale.

Affiliates don't mind pre-selling your goods to their lists and visitors, but you have got to make it worth their effort. Don't be cheap. Give your affiliates a good deal. Unless you're selling Lear Jets or Rolls Royces, that 5% commission you are thinking about isn't going to get anyone excited about being your representative.

How did I fare against this point? I nailed it. I made sure to offer 50% commissions and a lifetime customer program. Residual and recurring revenue are automatic. For any customer that one of my affiliates sends to my site, they get paid. Not just onrepparttar 149733 first sale either. They get paid every time that person spends money, renews a subscription, or buys something else.

But evidently that was not enough. I had my program set up to offer a good, profitable deal for affiliates. So I moved torepparttar 149734 next point:

Provide personal service be responsive Affiliates are your business partners, not cattle to be herded. Treat them with respect, provide them withrepparttar 149735 tools they need to be successful, and be responsive when your affiliates ask for help, guidance or tools. Inrepparttar 149736 end, it will make things better for you. Make sure you take care of your affiliates.

Well I am a naturally outgoing guy, so I have a tendency to reach out to customers, partners and business associates. It's just who I am. I like people. I send email, write articles, post inrepparttar 149737 blog I'm a communicative guy. I've got my phone number onrepparttar 149738 site, and I personally answer my phone. So personal service couldn't be my problem. But still, why weren't people signing up to be affiliates? I moved on torepparttar 149739 next point:

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