3 Ways To Get More Website Traffic That Buys...

Written by Munya Chinongoza

Who else wants traffic that buys? I for sure do, and after trying out various website traffic generating methods and strategies. I have finally managed to pin point 3 strategies that will almost always bring you website traffic that buys your products or services.

1) Pay Per Click Advertising

This is probablyrepparttar easiest ofrepparttar 105917 three, that is why I have mentioned first. However, it isrepparttar 105918 only that is not free. Just incase you do not know what Pay Per Click Advertising is here is a short description.

Pay per click advertising is when you select specific keywords related to your product and then you bid a certain amount per click. What then happens is every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay for each click, hencerepparttar 105919 term pay per click.

This service is provided by most ofrepparttar 105920 big search engines, for example Google.com, Overture.com, Findwhat.com and more.

For a list of pay per click search engines, go here:


2) Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are also a great way to get more traffic that buys. It all depends onrepparttar 105921 quality ofrepparttar 105922 relationship between your joint venture partner and his/her opt-in list. Usuallyrepparttar 105923 betterrepparttar 105924 relationship,repparttar 105925 better your results.

What I mean by this is, if your joint venture partner has built credibility with his opt-in list, they are more likely to buy your product or service just because ofrepparttar 105926 personal recommendation. Provided that it's a product or service they need, of course.

Where and how do you find joint venture partners? Simply target those people in your industry or niche who have already established themselves and own a list of subscribers or even better a list of customers.

How To Increase Targeted Traffic That Boost Your Income?

Written by Ryen Kim

There are three corner stones make you rich via Internet marketing. Whether you're an affiliate, selling your own products/services, or a web master who seeks extra income through your web site, these three cornerstones must be obtained. What are they?
  • good content
  • targeted traffic
  • high conversion rate
So getting rich in Internet marketing formula is simple. That is, publish a web site filled with good contents, increase traffic (especially increase targeted traffic) to your site and convert them to buy your products/services or clickrepparttar affiliate link. Your ultimate goal is getting high conversion rate, I guess :-). But you must realize that it is achieved by a good content and succeeding to increase targeted web site traffic. A good content helps to increase targeted traffic and together with targeted trafficrepparttar 105916 high conversion rate will be guaranteed.

I'll focus on how to increase targeted web site traffic.

The sources of traffic

First, let me point outrepparttar 105917 difference between traffic and targeted traffic. Suppose you have a web site about golf tips and one of your keywords is 'golf'. Hopefully many people will come to your site usingrepparttar 105918 search term 'golf'. But some of them will leave your web site forever and never come back because they were looking for information about Volkswagen golf. I know this is exaggeration, butrepparttar 105919 point is thatrepparttar 105920 traffic fromrepparttar 105921 search engine isrepparttar 105922 mixture of targeted traffic and bystanders.

Does that mean you can ignore search engine optimization?

No, not really! It just means that not all of them are your targeted traffic.

Directory listing is similar to this case. Although people drill down and find relevant category, traffic from directory still includes bystanders.

In terms of targeted traffic, what I would like to say is:

Suppose you have 100 hours to invest for increasing targeted web site traffic, spend about 30 hours for search engine optimization and directory listing. The other effort of 70 hours must go to increase targeted traffic.

The more effort should go to:

  • Getting relevant inbound link, and
  • Publishing your own free article onrepparttar 105923 web.
Somebody might be ready to be against me about this. But think about your ultimate goal, high conversion rate! Actuallyrepparttar 105924 volume of traffic doesn't matter as long as conversion rate is concerned. What brings yourepparttar 105925 high conversion rate,thus more sales, isrepparttar 105926 targeted traffic. And they are coming from external relevant links and your free articles published in other web master's web page.

Certainly,repparttar 105927 volume of traffic driven by inbound link and article is less than that driven by search engine or directory. But it is quality traffic (targeted traffic) that is more friendly to be converted. This why it's better to pay more attention to getting inbound link and writing articles.

Why getting inbound link is important to increase targeted traffic?

First, let's withdraw a myth:repparttar 105928 more links,repparttar 105929 better. Not true! Only relevant to your site theme will work for you.

The importance of getting inbound link is two fold.

  • The visitors coming from a relevant link are more likely be happy with your site because they'rerepparttar 105930 people you're targeting. When targeted visitors came to your site, it's more likely to accept your product. This isrepparttar 105931 beauty of targeted traffic.

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